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Star Wars Books & Comics is a guide to over seven hundred Star Wars books & novels, audiobooks, comics, short stories and children's books from the Star Wars galaxy.
Each book, comic or story is catalogued as an event occurring before or after the Battle of Yavin* (the events portrayed in the original 1977 Star Wars film: Episode IV: A New Hope) and categorised according to their relevant Era of Adventure.

Page Navigation:

Each story entry is laid out in the same format:
At the top of each entry is the Era Banner, simply click on the banner to return to that Era's index page. For stories that form a distinct series within an Era of Adventure such as X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Young Jedi Knights and Jedi Quest will have their own banner and index page.
The left hand column (shaded grey) contains the story's book or comic cover image (many books feature a Book Reader function that allows viewing of sample chapter(s) - requires flash-supporting browser), the story's availability in its Principal Format and, where applicable, its availability in Alternative Formats (such as audiobook (many audiobooks feature a Mini-Player function that allows listening of sample chapter(s) - requires javascript-enabled browser) or eBook formats) from either one of our Affiliated Partners or other internet resources (such as its availability to members of StarWars.com Hyperspace, etc). For comic stories, individual comic book covers will also be displayed including publishing information.
The main column contains the Story Details, including its title, format (either Book Story, Comic Story or Short Story), author(s) / contributor(s), US and UK publishers (where applicable), published formats and publication years. Below this is the Story Synopsis giving a brief synopsis of the story. The Chronology gives the story's timeframe in relation to either occurring before or after the Battle of Yavin. Related Stories list other stories related to this story by either principal character or plot.
Visitors to Star Wars Books & Comics are invited to send in their own Review for each listed story and they will be published on the story's entry page.

[Example of story entry on SWBooks]
  • Book Details: many stories are available in various formats, e.g. Hardback book, Paperback book, Comic Book, etc, where this happens formats are listed in publication order, i.e. Hardback is published before Paperback and thus is listed first (this applies to Publication Dates: first year is first format followed by years of subsequent format publications).

  • Related Stories: almost all entries have Related Stories which are linked to the entry either by overall plotline or character development. Where Related Stories are chronologically close to one (or more) of the six films but are not necessarily intrinsic to the Related Stories (by either plotline or character development), those film titles will be listed in italics (to give a better indication of where events occur relative to the film saga). However, where events are intrinsic to any of the films those films will be listed as a Related Story.

The Availability section offers links to purchase the book from an Affiliated Partner (amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and tfaw.com) - simply click on the appropriate logo button.
Please remember :

  • The Availability links are a guideline to a book's general availability. Due to the nature of book publishing, occasionally a book may become Out Of Print and therefore no longer available to purchase. SWBooks.net makes no guarantee to the overall availability of any book and/or product listed on its site(s).
  • If a book/product is unavailable from one Affiliated Partner, try another.

General Buying Advice:
If you decide to purchase a book using the links to any Affiliated Partner, please take time to read these points of advice first.

SWBooks.net is provided as a service to fans of Star Wars, by listing selected Star Wars books that are available for purchase from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and tfaw.com (the "Affiliated Partner"), therefore:

  • SWBooks.net does not stock nor sell any product listed within its pages.
  • There is no obligation to purchase any product by browsing this site.
  • Each Affiliated Partner may have delivery restrictions, please check before purchasing.
  • All purchases are made at the Buyers own risk - SWBooks.net will not accept any liability for any loss incurred by the Buyer.
  • Any contract of purchase is between the Buyer and the Affiliated Partner.
  • Book cover images on SWBooks.net are provided as an illustration only and may not constitute an actual resemblance of the product offered.
  • The Buyer is responsible for any import/sales duties due in respective of their purchase.
  • All enquiries regarding any purchase made should be directed to the Affiliated Partner.


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