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Page updated:5th August 2018


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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur approximately 1 year before Episode IV: A New Hope.

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 (2017-2018)

As the Rebellion struggles against the might of the Empire, Ezra leads the Ghost crew back to his home world to defeat the oppressive forces under the command of cunning Grand Admiral Thrawn. Old friends are reunited and new alliances are forged as the critically acclaimed series builds to a transformative conclusion that reveals our heroes' destinies.

Episodes of Star Wars Rebels Season Four were broadcast in chronological order..

Season 4 Episodes
  1. Heroes of Mandalore (Part 1)
    Sabine leads Ezra, Kanan and an army of her fellow Mandalorians back to her home world to rescue her father from the clutches of the Empire.
  2. Heroes of Mandalore (Part 2)
    When Sabine discovers the Empire has resurrected a devastating weapon she created and plans to use it against her people, she must decide whether to destroy it or use it herself.
  3. In the Name of the Rebellion (Part 1)
    As members of the Rebel Alliance, Ezra and the Ghost crew must accept a mission to spy on an Imperial outpost they would rather destroy.
  4. In the Name of the Rebellion (Part 2)
    After being separated from Hera and Kana, Ezra and Sabine join the desperate quest of Saw Gerrera to hunt down the Empire’s elusive secret super weapon.
  5. The Occupation
    Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back to Lothal when a new Imperial threat rises.
  6. Flight of the Defender
    Ezra and Sabine steal an Imperial prototype TIE fighter but must rely on some unexpected help to escape from Thrawn.Ezra, having grown in power, leads a mission to break the crew's old friend Hondo Ohnaka out of prison. Meanwhile, Grand Admiral Thrawn, a master Imperial strategist, has vowed to dismantle and destroy the growing rebellion.
  7. Kindred
    Tracked back to their hidden base by a mysterious Imperial agent, the rebels must trust some seemingly dangerous native creatures, who are far more than meets the eye.
  8. Crawler Commandeers
    Desperate to get in contact with rebel command, the Ghost crew pirates a mining vehicle equipped with the long-range communications gear.
  9. Rebel Assault
    Hera leads a courageous attack against the forces of Grand Admiral Thrawn, but when things go awry, her battle to win must become a daring escape if she is to survive.
  10. Jedi Knight
    The Ghost crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters of Lothal to save one of their own.
  11. Dume
    The Ghost crew rallies together to find new purpose and resolve.
  12. Wolves and a Door
    Ezra discovers the Empire’s plans for the Jedi Temple.
  13. A World Between Worlds
    Inside the Jedi Temple, Ezra experiences a revelation.
  14. A Fool's Hope
    Ezra calls in favors for a fight against the Empire.
  15. Family Reunion - And Farewell
    Ezra and team take drastic action to free Lothal.

DVD & Blu-ray
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The Complete Season Four

The Complete Season Four


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