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Page updated: 27th February 2009


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Star Wars Missions.

[Star Wars: Missions]

These stories are no longer available

Star Wars Missions
Ryder Windham, Dave Wolverton
Published as Young Reader Paperback Books (1997-1999)

Star Wars Missions was a twenty book series released as a mail-order book club promoted through schools starting in 1997.
The books were written by Ryder Windham and Dave Wolverton and published by Scholastic. Members first received a boxed kit containing two dice (one six-sided, one twelve-sided), a rulebook, a pad of score sheets, a blank mission log, a member card, several game cards, a small poster and the first adventure in the series. Subsequent packages contained additional books, cards, and posters. Club members also received a magazine, unrelated to gameplay, called Star Wars Kids: The Magazine for Young Jedi Knights.
Each book contains several linear chapters followed by the actual gamebook segment. Upon reaching the interactive portion of an adventure, the reader must first select some cards (representing characters, vehicles, weapons, and powers) based on criteria specified in the book at hand. Unlike most gamebooks, these adventures do not feature numbered sections, nor do they instruct the reader to turn to particular pages; instead, they are composed of a linear sequence of events. Each event is described, then several choices are listed. The reader must select one of these choices and then skip ahead to find the matching paragraph describing the results of the choice. Readers are sometimes forced to revise their decisions before proceeding, but no choice ever leads to a premature ending. Since victory is inevitable, gameplay revolves around a score kept as a running total throughout the adventure. Rolls of the dice and values printed on the cards are frequently used to raise or lower this score, and while it has no impact on gameplay, it can be considered a measure of success.
After twenty adventures based on the original Star Wars trilogy, the series came to a close in 1999 and was replaced by the similar Episode I Adventures.

These 'stories' occur just after the Battle of Yavin.

Cover & Issue Gallery:

[issue #1]

#1 Assault on
Yavin IV

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #2]

#2 Escape from

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #3]

#3 Attack on

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #4]

#4 Destroy the

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #5]

#5 The Hunt for
Han Solo

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #6]

#6 The Search for
Grubba the Hutt

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #7]

#7 Ithoria

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #8]

#8 Togorian

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #9]

#9 Revolt of the
Battle Droids

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #10]

#10 Showdown
in Mos Eisley

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #11]

#11 Bounty
Hunters vs.
Battle Droids

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #12]

#12 The

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #13]

#13 Prisoner of
the Nikto Pirates

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #14]

#14 The Monsters
of Dweem

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #15]

#15 Voyage to
the Underworld

Story: Dave Woverton

[issue #16]

#16 Imperial

Story: Dave Wolverton

[issue #17]

#17 Darth
Vader's Return

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #18]

#18 Rogue
Squadron to the

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #19]

#19 Bounty on

Story: Ryder Windham

[issue #20]

#20 Total

Story: Ryder Windham


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