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Star Wars Rebels Magazine coming to America

17th September 2015 |

After 11 months Star Wars Rebels Magazine, first published by Panini Comics in Germany and Egmont in the UK, is to be finally published in the US by Titan Comics, beginning in November. Aimed at 7-12 year olds, each issue contains a short comic story, fun facts, puzzles and news from Star Wars Rebels galaxy. Details for the first two issues are:

Source: via Once Upon A Galaxy and Jedi-Bibliothek.

UPDATE (28th September):
StarWars.com has officially announced that Star Wars Rebels Magazine from Titan Comics will pemiere in the US on 20th October (not 11th November as originally reported) with each issue averaging 52 pages (rather than 36 pages as reported).
Children's Comic Magazine
(36 pages)

This 36-page full-color magazine is tied into the current Star Wars animated series, Rebels, with each issue packed full of character features, episode guides, news, puzzles, games, activities, comic strips, posters, competitions and more!

Published: 11th November

Children's Comic Magazine (36 pages)

Watch out everyone! The bad guys are here! In the second exciting issue of the official Star Wars Rebels magazine, we'll have the complete lowdown on the Empire's scariest villains from Agent Kallus to the deadly Inquisitor. Oh, and not forgetting Darth Vader!

Look out for plenty of fun and games as well, along with an amazing comic strip you won't want to miss!

Published: 16th December

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