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[Children's Books]
Star Wars books for children and younger readers.

[ Rey's Story ]

Paperback Book
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Audio Book
Read by January LaVoy.
Published as unabridged MP3 CD:

[Rey's Story - audiobook]

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Rey's Story
Elizabeth Schaefer
Disney-Lucasfilm Press
Age Range: 8+ years
Published as:
Paperback Book (2016)
e-Book (2016)
Audio Book (2016)

A lonely scavenger.
A lost little droid.
An adventure of a lifetime.
Rey never thought she would leave the desert planet of Jakku, but her life is turned upside down when she meets BB-8, a small droid with a big secret. Like it or not, Rey is about to be caught up in something much larger than herself: a galactic war between the evil First Order and the fledgling Resistance. But something is awakening inside of Rey, something that might turn the tides of fortune in the galaxy...

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