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[Children's Books]
Star Wars books for children and younger readers.

[ Spark of the Resistance ]

Hardback Book
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[ Spark of the Resistance (UK Edition) ]

Paperback Book
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Spark of the Resistance
Justina Ireland, Phil Noto
Disney-Lucasfilm Press
Age Range: 6+ years
Published as:
Hardback Book (2019 [US])
e-Book (2019 [US])
Paperback Book (2019 [UK])

BB-8 are finishing up a simple assignment to retrieve much-needed supplies for the struggling Resistance when they receive a distress call from the planet Minfar. Although they have orders to return to the Resistance immediately, Rey and the others decide they can't ignore someone in need -- especially someone who needs help against the First Order.
When they arrive on Minfar, they are greeted by the Zixon, a peaceful, warm-hearted species who suffered under the Empire and are now at risk of falling to the First Order. Despite being vastly outnumbered by First Order forces, Rey and her friends vow that they will fight to protect the Zixon -- or what else does the Resistance stand for?
Rey, Poe, Rose and BB-8 will have to face stormtroopers, deadly flying creatures, and even a Star Destroyer to keep Minfar safe and strike a blow against the First Order!

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