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Star Wars books for children and younger readers.

[ Rebel Heroes ]

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Rebel Heroes (A Level 3 Reader)
Shari Last
DK Publishing [US]
Dorling Kindersley
Age Range: 7+ years
Published as:
Paperback Book (2017 [US])
Hardback Book (2017) [UK])

Introduce new readers to the amazing Star Wars galaxy with DK Reader: Star Wars: Rebel Heroes. Featuring images from the Star Wars movies, little readers will love learning about the most daring rebels in the Star Wars galaxy including Poe Dameron, Princess Leia, Rey, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Ezra Bridger, and more!
DK Reader: Star Wars: Rebel Heroes is a Level 3 reader. These books are great for children who are learning to read. Exciting stories with limited vocabulary and lots of word repetition engage young fans and build their literary skills. The winning combination of Star Wars and an engaging story packed full of exciting images is perfect for getting children hooked on reading.

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