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Star Wars books for children and younger readers.

[ Forces of Evil ]

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The Phantom Menace: Forces of Evil
Dorling Kindersley [UK]
Age Range: 4+ years
Published as:
Paperback Book (2012)

Meet the villains of Star Wars Episode I, in an awesome super-sized sticker collection.
This bumper Star Wars The Phantom Menace Forces of Evil Ultimate Sticker Book is packed with more than 250 easy-to-peel colour stickers. Meet the fantastic characters from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and learn all about their vehicles, weapons and exciting adventures. Great scenes taken straight from the films mean you can create your own action-packed adventures. Don't forget, you can use your stickers again and again.
The Sith and their allies are on a mission to take over the galaxy. Will you stop them?

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