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 A Guide to Star Wars digital comics published by Dark Horse Comics.


[ Star Wars e-comics ]

In May 2009 Dark Horse Comics, licensed publisher of Star Wars comics between 1991 and 2014, and in collaboration with THQ, launched Dark Horse Mobile, the name for their e-Comics App for Apple iOS systems. In August 2009 Dark Horse Comics adapted their first Star Wars title, Legacy: Broken, for this medium and published it as a two chapter download. By the time THQ's license had expired two years later only eleven Star Wars comic stories had been made available from Dark Horse Mobile via Apple iTunes.
With the digital publication market expanding, lead by the increasing popularity of e-book readers, Dark Horse Comics took production of e-comics in-house and launched their own digital service, Dark Horse Digital, in early 2011.

Dark Horse Digital allowed users to purchase individual comic book issues (previously unavailable from THQ/iTunes) as well as full-story collections (as "bundles" of individual comic book issues). In June 2011 Star Wars comic titles were added to the Dark Horse Digital store and in early 2012 new comic book releases were made available in e-comic form on the same day as the traditional printed edition was released. However, with the transfer of the comics license from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel Comics in January 2015, Dark Horse Comics could no longer sell any Star Wars e-comic title through Dark Horse Digital (although purchases made prior to the license transfer would still be available to purchasers).


Dark Horse Digital
[Dark Horse Digital]

In 2015 the license holder to produce, publish and distribute Star Wars titled comics, graphic novels and digital e-comics transfered from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel Comics. Therefore from 2015 Dark Horse Digital will no longer sell Star Wars digital e-comic titles. However, Star Wars digital titles purchased  from Dark Horse Digital prior to the changeover date will still be available on your device of choice, or accessible via the Dartk Horse Digital cloud storage after the transfer of license holder.

Published e-comic stories:
Please note that Star Wars e-comic books are no longer available from Dark Horse Digital.
This is a list of Star Wars comic titles published digitally by Dark Horse Digital.
[Agent of the Empire] [A Long Time Ago...] [Boba Fett] [The Clone Wars]
Agent of the Empire
Iron Eclipse;
Hard Targets
A Long Time Ago...
Volume 1;
Volume 2;
Volume 3;
Volume 4;
Volume 5
Boba Fett
Agent of Doom;
Enemy of the Empire;
Jango Fett;
Zam Wesell;
Open Seasons;
The Bounty Hunters;
Tales from Mos Eisley
Underworld: The
Yavin Vassilika

Blood Ties: Jango
and Boba Fett
Blood Ties: Boba Fett
is Dead
Death, Lies & Treachery
The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars
General Grievous;
Shipyards of Doom
Crash Course;
The Wind Raiders
of Taloraan
Colossus of Destiny;
Deadly Hands of
The Enemy Within;
The Starcrusher Trap;
Strange Allies
[Clone Wars] [Clone Wars Adventures] [Chewbacca] [Crimson Empire]
Clone Wars
The Defense of Kamino and Other Stories;
Victories & Sacrifices;
Last Stand on Jabiim;
Light and Dark;
The Best Blades;
On the Fields of Battle;
When They Were Brothers;
The Last Siege,
The Final Truth
Honor & Duty
Clone Wars Adventures
Volume 1;
Volume 2;
Volume 3;
Volume 4;
Volume 5;
Volume 6;
Volume 7;
Volume 8;
Volume 9;
Volume 10
Chewbacca Crimson Empire;
Crimson Empire II;
Crimson Empire III;
[Dawn of the Jedi] [Dark Empire] [Dark Times] [Darth Maul]
Dawn of the Jedi
Force Storm;
Prisoner of Bogan;
Force War
Dark Empire;
Dark Empire II;
Empire's End;
Dark Times
The Path to Nowhere;
Blue Harvest;
Out of the Wilderness;
Fire Carrier;
A Spark Remains
Darth Maul;
Rise of the Sith;
Death Sentence;
Son of Dathomir
[Darth Vader] [Empire] [The Force Unleashed] [Infinities]
Darth Vader
Vader's Quest;
Darth Vader and
The Lost Command
Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison;
Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin;
Darth Vader and
the Cry of Shadows
Issues #1 thru #40)
The Force Unleashed;
The Force Unleashed II
A New Hope;
The Empire
Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi;
The Star Wars
(Issues #0 thru #4)
[Invasion] [Jabba the Hutt] [Jedi: The Dark Side] [Knights of the Old Republic]
Jabba the Hutt
The Art of the Deal;
The Jabba Tape
Jedi vs. Sith;

The Dark Side
Knights of the
Old Republic
[Knight Errant: Aflame] [Legacy] [Lost Tribe of the Sith] [Mara Jade]
Knight Errant

Prisoner of
the Floating World
Outcasts of
the Broken Ring
Wanted: Ania Solo;
Empire of One
Lost Tribe of the Sith
Mara Jade
By the
Emperor's Hand
[The Old Republic] [Purge] [Rebellion] [A New Hope]
The Old Republic
Threat of Peace
Blood of the Empire
The Lost Suns
Last Stand of the Jedi;
Seconds to Die;
The Hidden Blade;
The Tyrant's Fist
Rebellion Star Wars
Emissaries to
Menace Revealed;
The Phantom Menace;
Attack of the Clones;
Revenge of the Sith
A New Hope;
Breaking the Ice -
A Valentine's Story
River of Chaos;
The Empire
Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi;
Panel to Panel;
Panel to Panel Vol. 2;
Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin;
Star Wars: From the Ruins of Alderaan;
Star Wars: Five Days of Sith;
Star Wars: Rebel Girl;
A Shattered Hope;
The Assassination of Darth Vader;
Rebel Heist
[Star Wars Adventures] [Shadows of the Empire] [Splinter of the Mind's Eye] [Tag and Bink]
Chewbacca and the
Slavers of the
Boba Fett and
the Ship of Fear
The Will of
Darth Vader
Episode I Adventures;
Princess Leia & the Royal Ransom;
Luke Skywalker & the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes;
Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya
Shadows of the Empire;
Shadows of the Empire: Evolution;
Shadow Stalker

Splinter of the
Mind's Eye
Tag and Bink
...are Dead;
Episode I - Revenge of the Clone Menace;
The Return of Tag and Bink - Special Edition
[Tales] [Tales of the Jedi] [The Thrawn Trilogy] [x-Wing: Rogue Squadron]
Tales Tales of the Jedi
Volume 1;
Volume 2
The Thrawn Trilogy
Heir to the Empire;
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command
X-Wing: Rogue

Volume 1;
Volume 2;
Volume 3

Dark Horse Mobile

[Dark Horse Mobile]

Adapting a comic book for the small screen of a mobile phone presents certain challenges as Randy Stradley, Dark Horse Comics' editor, acknowledges: "Obviously, certain things that work in one medium don't work in another. For instance, tall vertical panels don't work as well in the iPhone's 'widescreen' format, and careful editing is required to make sure visual story information isn't compromised. On the other hand, wordy panels can sometimes be split into two or more separate screens to actually improve the pacing of the story and the ratio of text-to-art. It sorta needs to be seen to be fully understood."[1]
Dark Horse Mobile's reasons for choosing which titles are adapted is dictated by having "something easier to adapt to the small screen"[2] because "every artist tells their stories differently in the print versions: varying the size and shape of panels, etc. Each story we do for the iPhone requires different considerations on how to transition the storytelling from one medium to another. There's no set formula like 'one print panel equals one iPhone screen', every image is a judgment call. Every new story is a new challenge, but I think we've come up with some satisfying solutions."[1]

Published comic story Apps (in order of release):
Please note that these Apps are no longer available.
This is a list of comic title apps published digitally by Dark Horse Mobile.

[Legacy: Broken (click for more information on this story)]

[Empire: Betrayal (click for more information on this story)]

[The Clone Wars: Shipyards of Doom (click for more information on this story)]

Legacy: Broken

Empire: Betrayal

Shipyards of Doom


[Legacy: Shards (click for more information on this story)]

[The Clone Wars: Crash Course (click for more information on this story)]

[The Force Unleashed (click for more information on this story)]

Legacy: Shards

Crash Course

The Force Unleashed



[Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement (click for more information on this story)]

[Legacy: Claws of the Dragon (click for more information on this story)]


Knights of the Old republic:

Legacy: Claws of the Dragon


[ Agent of Doom (click for more information on this story)]

[ Enemy of the Empire (click for more information on this story)]


Boba Fett: Agent of Doom

Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire




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