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Page updated: 25th July 2012
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[Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Graphic Novella
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e-Comic Book
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 9
Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Stories published as:
Graphic Novella (2007)
e-Comic Book (2012)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language]

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This book contains the following comic stories:
  • Appettite For Adventure by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
    The story begins with Dexter Jettster's ship landing on the planet of Dractu. Disembarking, the Besalisk heads for a nearby village, and consults the Dractuvian chief about something. The chief then orders a warrior to lead Jettster somewhere, and two head off.
    Unfortunately, on the way, Jettster unwittingly startles a large predatory beast that chases him and his guide. He and the warrior manage to evade the beast by hiding, but Jettster finds he's been trapped in quicksand. The warrior gets him out via a vine attached to a Dractuvian donkey-like creature, and the two finally reach their destination -- a cave.
    They enter the cave, and find numerous burrows in the wall. The warrior reaches in one and pulls out a Dractuvian cave slug. Jettster thoughtfully reaches in another burrow hoping to get one, but comes out with a similar, more vicious, creature that lodges itself on his chin. The Dractuvian warrior manages to yank the creature off, and the Besalisk finally realizes that, in all that struggle, he'd ended up with three cave slugs -- what he's come for.
    The two return to the village, where Jettster bids the Dractuvians farewell, boards his ship, and takes off for his diner on Coruscant, where he prepares a meal for Obi-Wan Kenobi using one of the cave slugs. When Kenobi says that it is "just as disgusting as [he] remember(s)," Jettster is confused, reminding him that he said that it was the best thing he ate on Dractu. Kenobi replies with "Yeah, and have you ever eaten anything on that planet? The worst food in the galaxy!"
    Occurs at sometime during The Clone Wars.

  • Salvaged by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
    HOB-147 of the Light Brigade Division is unconscious inside the drifting remains of his V-19 Torrent starfighter when a salvage ship captained by a man named Hurd Coyle rescues him. Coyle's crew consists of reprogrammed B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids that he may or may not have captured from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He orders a few of his B1 units to bring the starfighter aboard and see if they can salvage anything from it.
    When the B1s arrive in the hangar, they discover HOB-147's life support is active, and at critical. Coyle orders them to take him to the ship's sick bay, where the clone stripped of his armor awakes to find himself facing three B1 units. Thinking he's been captured by the CIS, he attacks and rips the three droids apart with his bare hands and is zapped by an electro-dart fired by Coyle, who protests against the clone's actions and chains him to the wall. As the two have a small "chat," HOB-147 learns that Order 66 has been given and that the Jedi are now his enemies. He doesn't believe it mostly because he'd been drifting in space and missed out on the order and ponders the situation when Coyle leaves the room.
    HOB-147 then discovers Nia, a young Jedi Padawan, hiding in the air vent watching him. He yanks her out, and is zapped once again by Coyle, who's returned for an unknown reason. Coyle spots Nia and drags her out of sick bay and to a cargo hold, and he throws her inside, locking the door. HOB-147, wondering about "Kidnapping children? Order 66? What kind of Separatist plot is this?", decides to find out. He frees himself and sneaks out of sick bay.
    Meanwhile, on the way to the bridge, Coyle is caught by one of his non-Separatist droids and informed that the clone's escaped. A B1 battle droid on the bridge then informs him that a Republic cruiser is in range and wants to inspect their cargo holds.
    HOB-47 has sneaked up to the entrance to the cargo hold in the meantime, and discovers a B2 super battle droid standing guard under orders from Coyle. The clone trooper proceeds to smash the droid with a metal beam and enters the cargo hold, where he is assaulted by something he can't see. When he comes to, he finds himself surrounded by Jedi Padawans and is shocked.
    Coyle meanwhile, has to deal with a team of clones led by an ARC trooper that has boarded the ship. Stating that cargo ships have been transporting Jedi to hide them in the Outer Rim territories, the ARC commands his troops to tear the ship apart, much to the dismay of Coyle. Coyle is upset even more when HOB-147, back in uniform, shows up and introduces himself. But Coyle is shocked when the clone pilot lies and tells the ARC that there are no Jedi aboard.
    HOB-147 says good-bye to Coyle, and leaves with the clone troopers, who've decided that since the pilot vouched for Coyle, they don't have to inspect the ship after all. Nia, again hiding in an air vent, watches as her new friend leaves.
    Occurs just after the events of Revenge of the Sith

  • Life Below by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
    Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, who's been living in the sewers on Coruscant for the last week, finally emerges and meets with Yoda in the Jedi Temple. There, he relates the story of his adventures while investigating various, recent political assassinations.
    He'd discovered that the Red Hand gang, led by a woman named Ayo Morota, had been behind it all. He'd managed to infiltrate their gang and get some information, but they found him out. Morota ordered several of her thugs to kill Vos. Vos ran away, and managed to defeat several thugs -- both on foot and on speeder bikes -- before figuring out that in the midst of the struggle, he has gotten lost.
    After managing to defeat more thugs Morota sends against him, Vos corners Morota on an underground waterfall of sewage. Morota tells him that the Jedi Order is so self-righteous, they have no idea that they have already lost. She then jumps off the waterfall to her death.
    Back in the present, Vos wonders what kind of evil could command such loyalty. Yoda counters that fear can make the one who lives below, a slave to the one living in the highest tower.
    Meanwhile, Mas Amedda informs Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Red Hand's destruction by Quinlan Vos, with Palpatine replying that their use had come to an end.
    Occurs during the sixth month after the Battle of Geonosis.

  • No Way Out by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
    Mace is on a mission to find the members of the Alpha-2 Squad, which has been deemed lost. When he asks dispatch if there are any cities in the area, the man (or woman) on the other end tells him that the region is uninhabited. He finds this curious, since he's looking right at a city.
    As he enters the city gates, he meets Z-18, a droid that's made of many parts of many other droid types, who resembles a hunchback. Z-18 leads Windu to the Alpha-2 squad who, Mace learns in shock, are dead. Chasing Z-18, who's disappeared, the Jedi Master is suddenly attacked by zombies of many different alien species. Even the members of Alpha-2 squad, who have also become zombies, attack.
    Windu later finds himself hanging on a wall facing the Countess Rajine. Rajine reveals that she is, in fact, an energy vampire that has sucked the life forces from all the zombies she controls outside. Z-18 turns out to be in her service, too. Windu learns that Rajine has already started sucking out his life-force, as well, and his ability to use the Force is dwindling.
    Much later that night, Z-18 frees him and reveals that he used to belong to a Jedi Knight named Samuro, who died on the planet. Samuro had used his remaining Force power to trap Rajine on the planet, and left a Jedi holocron in Z-18's possession to give the next Jedi who happened to stumble upon the planet. That Jedi, as it turns out, is Windu.
    The Master confronts Rajine, who is angered and destroys Z-18 with Windu's lightsaber. She then turns to the Jedi, who activates the holocron containing a message from Samuro. Windu and the hologram of Samuro use a Force spell to temporarily bring all the zombies back to life so they can destroy Rajine. Noting that all their life-forces are free, Mace radios dispatch to report that the Alpha-2 squad is no longer lost.
    Occurs during the sixth month after the Battle of Geonosis.

These stories occur at various points during the Clone Wars, approximately 22 to 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

This book is part of the Clone Wars Adventures series of digest-sized graphic novellas:

  • Volume 1 by Haden Blackman et al.
  • Volume 2 by Haden Blackman et al.
  • Volume 3 by Haden Blackman et al.
  • Volume 4 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
  • Volume 5 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
  • Volume 6 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
  • Volume 7 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
  • Volume 8 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.
  • Volume 9
  • Volume 10 by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach et al.

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