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Page updated: 27th October 2007  
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[Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Short Story
First published in
Star Wars Insider #87:

This story is included in:

Republic Commando: True Colors

Karen Traviss
Paizo Publishing
Story published as:
Short Story (2006, 2007)

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Null ARC Trooper N-5, Prudii, is a specialist in infiltration, especially infiltrating Separatist Droid factories. His missions is not to destroy the factories, but to sabotage the droid production lines so that the completed droids are easier to destroy on the battlefield. However, he has been discovering some notable information. Republic intel, as well as it's propaganda machine, has been declaring that the Separatists have access to a quadrillion droids (that's a thousand-million-million). But according to the information Prudii has accessed on the factories, each factory is only generating approximately 1 million units per year, therefore the Separatists have a thousand-million factories or, more likely, Republic Intel is flawed.
Upon relating this news to his sergeant, Kal Skirata, Prudii is introduced to the complex world of politics - so long as the civilian population perceive the Separatist threat to be in the region of a quadrillion droids (more than enough to invade Coruscant itself), they will happily fund the Republic Army through their taxes.
Meanwhile, Prudii's brother Mereel is on Kamino trying to discover the whereabouts of Ko Sai, the Kaminoan chief scientist who the Null brothers had sworn to kill, when he decodes a secret message. It is a hidden transcription between Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Lama Su, the Kamonian Prime Minister, discussing whether or not Palpatine requires a new order of clones over and above the original order of 3 million. Lama Su lets slip that Palpatine has a cloning facility, or at least "special facilities" on Coruscant. Although Palpatine's answer is not recorded, it appears that Palpatine has not given the Kamonians a renewed contract - which meant that there would be no more clones after the initial batch of 3 million had been trained (Fellow Null Ordo predicts that the Grand Army of the Republic would be overrun within two years with only a total of 3 million clones). What exactly did this mean? If Palpatine didn't require any more troops, how was he going to sustain a galactic war for more than two more years? And why, if droid production was as "low" as Prudii indicated, didn't Palpatine order a full-scale assault on the Separatists? why continue with "the piecemeal approach" of scattered fronts? As Skirata points out to his "sons": "the objective of this war isn't the one we're being told it is".

This story occurs 14 months after the Battle of Geonosis, approximately 20 and a half years before the Battle of Yavin.

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