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Page updated: 18th January 2016
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[The Dark Times]
Events that occur between 19 and 2 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[Dark Times: Volume 4 - Blue Harvest]

Graphic Novel
Published  as Dark Times
Volume 4: Blue Harvest
Check availability & pricing at:


[things from another world]


This story is included in:

[Dark Times - Omnibus: Volume 2]

Dark Times: Volume 2


[Epic Collection: The Empire: Volume 2]

The Empire: Volume 2

Online Comic strip
Published January &
February 2009 as MySpace Dark Horse
#18 & 19 by Dark Horse Comics:

[MySpace Dark Horse Presents #18: Blue Harvest - part 1][MySpace Dark Horse Presents #18: Blue Harvest - part 2]

Comic Book series
Published April, August 2009, January, April & June 2010 as Dark Times #0, 13, 14, 15,
16 & 17 by Dark Horse Comics:

[issue 0][issue 13]

Issue #0Issue #13

[issue 14][issue 15]

Issue #14Issue #15

[issue 16][issue 17]

Issue #16Issue #17

e-Comic Book Series
Published 2011 by Dark Horse Digital.

Blue Harvest
Mick Harrison, Doug Wheatley, Dave McCaig et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Story published as:
Online Comic strip (2009)
Comic Book series (2009-2010)
Graphic Novel (2010)
e-Comic Book Series (2012)
Omnibus Graphic Novel (2014)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2015)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language][Also published in German language]

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Dass Jennir begins his first job since the destruction of the Jedi Order only to discover that the job description he was given is not entirely accurate. Facing great odds is all in a day's work for a Jedi, but Jennir isn't a Jedi anymore and his lightsaber must stay hidden.
Meanwhile, Darth Vader returns to Coruscant and must face his master and fallout from his first encounter with Celeste Morne and the Muur Talisman.
The miasma of the dark times following the rise of the Empire entangles both the high and the low. Darth Vader comes to a realization about how short his future might be if he doesn't follow his master's every command.
While half a galaxy away, Dass Jennir, who has kept his Jedi past a secret from his employer, discovers that his employer hasn't been completely honest with him, either. The job Jennir has been hired to do is only part of what needs to be done, and a Jedi never leaves a job half-finished, even if it means fighting ten-to-one odds!
Caught between two rival factions, former Jedi Dass Jennir has only one option left: play both sides against one another and hope that neither side tumbles to his plan!
Former Jedi Dass Jennir has woven a tangled web of lies in his quest to topple two opposing gangs. Now, all the threads are about to break, and the gangs will tear the town apart in a war that may doom those Jennir sought to save: but not before they take their vengeance out on him!
Betrayed, beaten, and half drowned, former Jedi Dass Jennir clings to life while the town he vowed to save is torn by gang warfare. His only allies have been imprisoned, tortured, or shot. It looks like the bad guys might win this time... except for one thing: a Jedi never gives up.

This story occurs approximately 4 months after Revenge of the Sith (19 years before the Battle of Yavin).

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