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Page updated: 21st April 2018  
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[The Dark Times]
Events that occur between 19 and 2 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire]

Graphic Novel
Published as Enemy of the Empire.
Check availability & pricing at:


[things from another world]


This story is included in:

[Epic Collection: The Empire: Volume 4]

The Empire: Volume 4

[Boba Fett Omnibus]
Boba Fett

Comic Book series
Published January thru April 1999 as Boba
Fett: Enemy of the Empire
#1, 2, 3 & 4
by Dark Horse Comics:

[Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire - issue 1][Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire - issue 2]

Issue #1Issue #2

[Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire - issue 3][Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire - issue 4]

Issue #3Issue #4

e-Comic App
Published 2010 by THQ/Dark Horse Comics
for iPhone / iPod Touch from Apple iTunes.
App is no longer available.

[ Enemy of the Empire ]

e-Comic Book Series
Issues #1 thru #4 published 2011
by Dark Horse Digital.

Enemy of the Empire
John Wagner, Ian Gibson, John Nadeau, Jim Amash et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Story published as:
Comic Book series (1999)
Graphic Novel (1999, 2010)
e-Comic App (2010)
e-Comic Book Series (2011)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2018)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in German language]

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Boba Fett must discover and return to Vader a single small box, the contents of which could change the fate of the galaxy. For such an important mission, Vader cannot rely on a single operative, nor can he allow that operative to walk away alive!
As Boba Fett hones in on his quarry, he is followed by Darth Vader's hired goons, but the Dark Lord trusts no one in this particular endeavor, nor does he expect any of them to walk away once the prize is his. But Boba Fett knows the craft of tracking, and he also knows that if Vader wants something this badly, it must be very precious indeed!
Boba Fett has finally caught up to his quarry, but so have Darth Vader's mercenary cronies. Stupid as they are, they're also cold-blooded killers, and they're not foolish enough to disobey the Dark Lord of the Sith. But just in case they aren't good enough to take out the bounty hunter, Darth Vader himself arrives to complete the mission!
The stage is set for the confrontation that will rock the galaxy! Boba Fett has dispatched Darth Vader's thugs with ease, but now the Dark Lord himself has arrived to claim the strange little box in Fett's possession. Dark lord or no, Fett isn't about to give up the prize. After all, he's got a reputation to uphold!

The Graphic Novel includes the limited edition Wizard magazine Boba Fett: Salvage from 1997.

This story occurs approximately 3 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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