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Page updated: 22nd February 2012
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[This story occurs during the Legacy of the Force era]
Events that occur 130 years after the Battle of Yavin and beyond.

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This story is included in:

[ Vector - Volume 2 ]

Vector - Volume 2

[Legacy: Book 2

Legacy: Book 2

[Legacy: Volume 2]

Legacy: Volume 2

Comic Book series
Published September thru January 2009 as Legacy #28, 29, 30 & 31 by Dark Horse Comics:

[issue 28][issue 29]

Issue #28Issue #29

[issue 30][issue 31]

Issue #30Issue #31

e-Comic Books
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Vector - Chapter Four
John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Story published as:
Comic Book series (2008-2009)
Graphic Novel (2009, 2013)
e-Comic Book series (2012)

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For over a hundred years Celeste Morne has been travelling the galaxy's space lanes with only the Force ghost of the ancient Sith Lord, Karness Muur, as her companion. Now travelling the hyperspace lanes of the Deep Core, she commands the Imperial Star Destroyer Iron Sun, presumed destroyed by either a mass shadow or black hole, and its crew long since transformed into Rakghouls and most of them dead after turning to cannibalism to survive.
The Mynock, enroute to Abbadon in the Deep Core, is pulled from hyperspace by an interdictor field and the crew are surprised to find themselves face-to-face with the Iron Sun. When scans of the Star Destroyer reveal internal damage, the Mynock's crew decide to investigate. Although Shado Vau senses lifeforms onboard, Cade himself senses a Jedi or a Sith following a vision of Celeste. Cautiously the Mynock's crew board the Iron Sun's hangar bay and are mystified to discover the bones of unknown creatures in a hundred-year-old shuttle craft. Splitting themselves up, Antares and Ganner investigate the hangar's corridors while Cade, Shado, Azlyn and Jariah continue to search the hangar bay. Just as Cade and his group decide to leave the hangar and rendezvous with the two Imperial Knights on level three, they are attacked by Rakghouls. During the melee both Cade and Azlyn are bitten and scratched by the Rakghouls before Celeste commands the monsters to back down. Realising that two of the strangers have been infected with the Rakghoul plague, Celeste uses a powerful Force blast to separate Cade and Azlyn from the others and imprisons them and herself behind a blast door. Celeste senses the Force within Cade and Azlyn, and when she tries to explain what will happen to them, Cade accuses her of of being a Sith. Through the Iron Sun's records Celeste is fully aware of the state of the galaxy, but retorts Cade's accusation explaining that he sensed the Muur Talisman's Dark Side rather than her own Force inclinations and that she herself can sense the Darkness within Cade.
Meanwhile Shado and Jariah are attempting to break through the blast door even though they are surrounded by passive Rakghouls. Seeing their colleagues predicament, Deliah Blue uses the Mynock's cannons to blast at the creatures while Antares and Ganner return to assist Shado and Jariah in fighting the now aggravated Rakghouls.
Realising that Cade's surname is Skywalker she tells Cade of her encounter with a young Luke Skywalker as she recalls the story of how she took the Talisman to save a young Jedi not dissimilar to Luke, Zayne Carrick, four thousand years ago, but became a prisoner to its Dark Side effects and how another Skywalker, one Darth Vader, abandoned her after telling her that the Jedi Order was dead. However Cade is uninterested in his namesakes and when Azlyn enquires about the monsters they ask why doesn't she just bury the Talisman? Celeste warns them of its power to control and create the Rakghouls and doesn't want such an army set loose on the galaxy. As Cade's and Azlyn's transformation begins, Celeste ignites her lightsaber and apologises for what she as to do since they have both been infected by the Rakghoul plague. Realising that he has been infected by a disease Cade uses his Force lightning technique to expel the plague from himself and Azlyn.
Sensing Cade's true potential for good, Celeste agrees join him in his quest to kill Darth Krayt.
With their new found ally, Celeste Morne, Cade his companions attack the Imperial outpost on Nad Abbadon in a lure to draw Drath Krayt away from his throne on Coruscant. During the fighting they encounter a larger garrison than expected commanded by Sith lord, Darth Reave, and using the Muur Talisman, Celeste converts the stormtroopers into Rakghouls and commands them to turn on their Sith commander. During his escape, Darth Reave is scratched by several of the Rakghouls and Cade, eager to confront Krayt, wants to follow him. But Celeste stops Cade reminding him that the Sith will report what he has witnessed and thus Krayt will come looking for Cade and Celeste.
With the outpost secured, Imperial Knight Antares Draco, forever loyal to his emperor Roan Fel, informs him of Celeste and the power of the Muur Talisman. Fel believes that if the Talisman were in his possession, he could regain his throne from Krayt and orders Antares to bring Celeste and the Talisman to him.
However fellow Imperial Knight, Ganner Krieg, believes that the Talisman is evil and reminds Anatares of its effects on the Imperial garrison they assisted in attacking. Anatares is enraged, concluding that the garrison were traitors to the Empire as they served Krayt, not Fel, and so deserved their fate. Ganner argues that since the Talisman is of Sith origin, their Empire and Emperor should shun it. As Imperial Knights, they serve their Emperor only if their Emperor serves the light side of the Force. Should Fel fall to the dark side, it is their duty to bring him back to the light, or remove him from power.
But it is not only the Imperial Knights who are having divided feelings about the Talisman, Celeste envisages that Jedi Knight Shado Vao is tempted by the power of the Talisman and warns him that control of it is not easy, her own self-imposed 4,000 year exile should be enough evidence of that. While Azlyn Rae believes that Celeste and the Talisman represent a greater threat to the galaxy than even Darth Krayt and in an assassination attempt is intercepted by Cade. Reminding her of their shared experiences as young Padawans, Cade and Azlyn share a moment together. However, when Azlyn begins to hear a voice, Cade realises that its source is Celeste and the Talisman and its effects are being felt by everyone.
Confronting Celeste, or rather the spirit of Karness Muur through Celeste, Cade belittles the Sith Lord's spirit and acting through Celeste, Muur attacks Cade. After a brief flurry, Celeste regains control and explains to Cade that Muur's only wish is for a weaker minded person to kill her, so that Muur can control her killer and that is why Muur has been tempting others with the power of the Talisman. Although Celeste can control Muur, as he is her prisoner, at the same time, she is also a prisoner of Muur, and at times he can influence the weak minded and those who lust for power. However, Celeste has sensed that Cade is different, he is not tempted by the power of the Talisman, so perhaps he is the solution to her dilemma.
On Coruscant Darth Reave tells Darth Krayt of his encounter with Cade Skywalker and Celeste Morne. But halfway during his debriefing, Reave begins his transformation into a Rakghoul whereupon Reave is cut down by one of Krayt's acolytes. Lady Maladi, one of Krayt's Sith acolytes recognises that Darth Reave was infected with the Rakghoul virus, but believed that Rakghouls were extinct. Not long after and via a holonet transmission, Krayt is contacted by Karness Muur (communicating through Celeste) and using a captured Cade as the inducement, Muur demands a meeting between himself and Krayt on Had Abbadon.
Consulting with scrolls taken from former Sith Lord Darth Andeddu's tomb, Krayt learns Muur's history: more than seven millennia ago, and thus pre-dating the creation of the Sith Order, Karness Muur was a dark side user who used his powers to twist life itself and create monstrous creations. However, these dark siders were hunted by both Jedi and other dark side users and after the last stand at Corbos, the Hundred-Year Darkness fell. Survivors fled to Korriban where the native Sith welcomed them as gods. It appears that Muur's goal, like so many Sith, was to find a way to defy death and so he created the Talisman as a means to preserve his mind and will. Believing that Muur could heal him, Krayt was implanted with coral seeds by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy 100 years ago and they now threaten to kill him unless he can find a cure, the Sith Lord and entourage head to Nad Abbadon.
Once on Nad Abbadon, Muur explains that he wants Krayt to kill Celeste so that the Talisman can join with him and begin curing him. Wary, Krayt asks for proof and so Muur beckons him closer so that the healing process may start. As Krayt is distracted by the apparent healing process, Cade breaks his bonds and orders the rest of his friends to attack - the trap is sprung! From the shadows, Imperial Knights Antares Draco, Ganner Krieg and Azlyn Rae, joined by Jedi Knight Shado Vao attack Krayt's entourage while Celeste regains total control of herself and the Talisman. The battle is long and hard as each member of Cade's group face an individual Sith Lord: Celeste against Krayt, Cade versus Darth Talon, and Shado fights Maladi. Very soon the Imperial Knights find themselves cut off from the rest when Celeste's Rakghouls form a barrier between them and the Sith.
Feeling left out, Anatares turns his attention from Krayt and the Sith to Celeste and in an determined effort to secure the Talisman abandons his fellow Knights and attacks Celeste. However, realising Antares' intentions of securing the Talisman for Emperor Roan Fel, Muur regains control of Celeste and with a powerful Force blast, knocking Antares unconscious. Back in control, Muur turns his attentions to his own requirements: he will kill the Jedi and Imperial Knights, transform Cade and his companions into Rakghouls and take Krayt's body as his own!
In high orbit above Nad Addadon onboard the Relentless, Darth Wyyrlok senses that Darth Krayt will soon be in need of him.
Meanwhile on the planet's surface the battle ensues: Krayt and Karness Muur, through Celeste Morne, lock lightabres as Krayt mocks the ancient Sith Lord; Imperial Knights Azlyn Rae and Ganner Krieg and Jedi Knight Shado Vao are attacked by Rakghouls; and Cade Skywalker, having successfully felled Darth Talon, finds himself fighting a new Sith, Darth Stryfe. However Stryfe is inexperienced against Cade as a quick Force kick throws the Sith against a column where Jariah Syn launches a devastating grenade attack against the Sith.
Celeste regains control over Muur just as Krayt is joined in his attack by Lady Maladi. As Celeste struggles to fight two Sith on the outside and one inside her, Azlyn sees an opening to attack Krayt and launches herself at the Sith Lord. Landing on top off Krayt, Azlyn forces her lightsabre through Krayt's Yuuzhan Vong armour and into his shoulder. Sensing the opportunity Muur strikes out with a powerful Sith Lightning strike on Krayt that hits both Azlyn and Krayt. Azlyn is thrown to the ground unconscious while Muur grabs Krayt with the Force and throws him off the landing platform. Krayt falls to the hard rock surface hundreds of metres below.
Cade is furious with Celeste for striking out at Azlyn and wants to kill her, but Celeste explains that Azlyn knew the dangers of facing Krayt and so accepted her destiny. Perhaps Cade should accept his. But Cade believes his destiny is his own. However, Celeste, slowly losing control to Muur after more than four millennia of being his controller and keeper, once again senses Cade's true potential: Cade is not tempted by the power of the Muur Talisman. Celeste is reminded of Zayne Carrick and his promise 4,000 years ago to help her get rid of the Talisman: did Zayne send Cade?
Knowing what must be done, Cade hits Celeste with a single mortal strike from his lightsabre. As the Talisman attaches itself to Cade's wrist, Celeste's four-thousand year-old body crumbles to dust. Immediately Muur attempts to assert his control over Cade, but Cade has other ideas. Using his Force power for healing he is able to destroy the Talisman once and for all. Karness Muur and the Rakghouls die.
Syn and Shado discover that Azlyn is still alive, barely, and so Cade tries to use his Force healing powers on her. But it is not working as well as it did in the past and so the he and his crew along with Shado will take her to Kiffex. However, the two Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg demand to go with them as Azlyn is an Imperial Knight, but Cade refuses calling them traitors for attempting to gain the Talisman for themselves. Antares and Ganner find alternative transport to leave Nad Abbadon.
Soon afterward, Darth Wyyrlok arrives on the planet and discovers that Krayt is still alive: he protected himself during his fall using the Force. Krayt believes his dream for One Sith will live as he learned from Muur how to heal himself of the Yuuzhan Vong infection. However, Wyyrlok has different plans: for the dream to live, the dreamer must die.

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This story occurs approximately 137 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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