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Page updated: 3rd February 2008
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.


This story is collected in:

[Star Wars Tales: Volume 6]

Star Wars Tales: Volume 6


[Epic Collection: The New Republic: Volume 1]

The New Republic: Volume 1

Comic Book
Published February 2005 in Star Wars Tales
#22 by Dark Horse Comics:

[Star Wars Tales - issue 22][Star Wars Tales - issue 22 (photo cover)]

Issue #22(Photo Cover)

Lucas Maragon et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Published as:
Comic Book (2005)
Graphic Novel (2006)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2015)

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A Rebel trooper and a scout trooper, both having been abandoned by their respective sides and neither knowing who won the battle, run into each other. After attempting to take each other captive, then agreeing to a truce and talking, the Imperial noted how stupid the Rebel strategy in the battle was.
They run across some Ewoks, who take the Imperial captive but leave the Rebel free. The Rebel has the Ewoks let the trooper go, explaining that they didn't touch him because, unlike the stormtroopers, his uniform and training was not designed with the sole purpose to intimidate, something that does not fit into a peaceful society.
The two go to the station that housed the second Death Star shield generator, and see it destroyed, realizing that the Rebels have indeed won the war. They pick up a distress beacon and follow to its source: a crashed Imperial Star Destroyer. The scout trooper uses its navigational beacon to contact a passing freighter to take them off-world.
When it lands, however, he agrees with the Rebel that he has no place in the peaceful society that the Rebellion will make now that the Galactic Empire is defeated, and decides to stay behind.

This story occurs approximately 5 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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