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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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[Young Jedi Knights]
Events that occur between 22 and 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Young Jedi Knights #5: Darkest Knight]

Paperback Youth Novel
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This story is included in:

[Jedi Sunrise]

Volume 2: Jedi Sunrise

Darkest Knight
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1996, 2003)

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Something seems to be bugging Lowie, and the gang learns what when the Millennium Falcon arrives: his sister Sirra, haunted by the recent death of her friend Raaba, is about to undergo her own highly dangerous rite of passage. Chewbacca and the kids head out on the Shadow Chaser to Kashyyyk. The Chaser leaves hyperspace right in the middle of an ion storm, but they muddle through.
Zekk is sent on his first mission: to Kashyyyk, to find and attack a major fabrication facility for computer parts. The second part of his mission: kill his former friends. As Jacen and Jaina get to work repairing the Chaser, Lowie finds that trying to help his sister and actually helping her are two different things. The other kids tour the fabrication facility, where Republic starfighters are being upgraded to prepare for the possible fight against the Second Imperium.
The Emperor, at least, what seems to be the Emperor (encased in a giant black tank) arrives at the Academy. He refuses to speak to a disturbed Brakiss at all. At the same time, Zekk and his warriors (using Wookiee holo-disguises) begin their attack, blowing up the fabrication plant. One of the Nightsisters, Garowyn, steals the repaired Chaser, or tries to. Chewbacca and Jaina kill the Nightsister. Jacen, Tenel, Lowie and Sirra shoot TIE's down from the sky, then flee into Kashyyyk's lethal lower levels, Zekk and Tamith (and far behind them, Jaina and Chewbacca) hot on their heels.
The young Jedi have to fight Kashyyyk's ecology as much as the Dark Jedi. Lowie and Sirra both deal with Vonnda Ra, and Jaina has to deal with Zekk. Zekk, torn by his feelings for Jaina, lets her live but warns her that the Imperium will destroy the Jedi academy. The battered Imperial force returns to the Shadow Academy. Zekk lies and says he killed the young Jedi. The holographic Emperor informs the Dark Jedi to set course for Yavin. With a final farewell to the now-honoured Sirra, the young Jedi race the Shadow Academy to Yavin.

This story occurs approximately 23 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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