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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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[Young Jedi Knights]
Events that occur between 22 and 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Young Jedi Knights #9: Delusions of Grandeur]

Paperback Youth Novel
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Delusions of Grandeur
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1997)

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The Young Jedi busy themselves with little things: hatching a gort egg, Raynar's return, meeting Peckhum, Lowie worrying about Raaba and then telling Sirra her friend is not dead. Zekk returns to Borgo Prime and meets with a cloaked prospective employer, who wants him to find Tyko, and to send a message to the Thul family. Zekk realises its Bornan himself.
Raaba pops back up at the Academy, and goes with Lowie back to Kashyyyk. After he leaves, Luke returns with a surprise for the children, a now almost, grown up Lusa, ready for her training. She tells a frightening tale of how, two years before, she may have been responsible for a human family's death, working for the Diversity Alliance.
Hunting for the Thul family at Ziost, Zekk is set upon by Dengar. He manages a difficult escape and gets the message to Aryn. On Ryloth, Tarkona reveals her plans. She is gotten her hands on a plague made by Evir Derricote, creator of the Krytos virus. This one, however, works only on humans and is far more lethal. Even Emperor Palpatine was afraid of it. The reason she is after Thul is because he alone knows where a depot with sufficient supplies of the plague to wipe out all humans in the galaxy is.
Puzzling things out in his mind, Zekk meets with Boba Fett on Tatooine and asks for advice. From Fett's words, he decides to find Tyko, get paid by Bornan, and then run him in. Raynar and Lusa are becoming very friendly. He decides he will go to Mechis III to watch over his lost uncle's droid factory. He asks the others to come with him. At the same time, Zekk finds clues on Kuar that leads him that way as well. To their shock, they find Tyko there. Moreover, IG-88 - who is serving him?!?
On Kashyyyk, Raaba convinces Lowie and Sirra to go with her to Ryloth, to meet the Diversity Alliance. Tyko set up his own kidnapping, hoping to flush Bornan out. He assists the kids, helping upgrade MTD's (Lowbacca's translator droid) systems. Zekk appears and rejoins his friends. Then Dengar shows up, convinced Bornan is hiding there. Nevertheless, the new Jedi are too much for him, and he takes to his heels. They reprogram IG-88 to find Bornan and send him out, as Zekk resumes his search and Tenel alerts her parents to the problem.

This story occurs approximately 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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