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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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Young Jedi Knights]
Events that occur between 22 and 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Young Jedi Knights #8: Diversity Alliance]

Paperback Youth Novel
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Diversity Alliance
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1997)

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Raynar Thul's mother Aryn sends a call from the trading fleet of the Thul family to Raynar on Yavin, checking up on him. She asks him to return to the fleet, where he will be safe. Luke and the kids escort him there in the Shadow Chaser. On Ryloth, Nolaa Tarkona gathers non-human worlds to the Diversity Alliance and receives word from Fett on what happened at Alderaan.
While Luke returns to the Academy, Aryn treats the kids to an Alderaanian Ceremony of Waters. She suddenly receives word of a transmission inside the Tradewyn, there is a traitor aboard. A nasty looking ship appears, demanding either Aryn or Raynar. The helmsman, Kusk, kidnaps Raynar and tries to spirit him to the other ship, but is stopped by the Jedi. The enemy ship, the High Roller, is destroyed with Kusk's brother on it.
On Borgo Prime, Zekk stumbles onto a lead to Bornan Thul. The Jedi begin their own search for Bornan, starting at the abandoned world of Kuar, where Thul was going to meet someone. Zekk arrives at what little is left of the human colony of Gammalin. Everyone is dead, from kind of biological weapon. And Zekk suddenly comes face-to-gun with Boba Fett. Searching on Kuar, the Jedi come upon a piece of Bornan's clothing, and a message: "If I am caught, all humans [are] in mortal danger." Continuing the search, they come upon an impossibility, the supposedly dead friend of Lowie, Raaba. She explained that she failed her rite of passage through sheer cowardice, and fled from her world in disgrace, eventually joining the Diversity Alliance. It seems to be a movement where non-humans can band together and protect themselves against human atrocities.
Fett will not kill Zekk, the boy acted with honour. Together, the two bounty hunters search for clues as to whom exterminated everyone on Gammalin. A message left by the now dead alien who brought this plague upon the planet explains that his boss, the one with the plague, was Nolaa Tarkona. Moreover, the only one who knows how to stop it is Bornan.
Raynar's uncle Tyko appears on Kuar, and helps the kids repair their ship after they fight massive arachnids. Raaba disappears again, returning to the Diversity Alliance. A sudden attack from above blows up Tyko's ship, and the kids and Tyko finds themselves on the run from a resurrected IG-88. The droid takes Tyko and leaves. It's a very disgruntled group of young Jedi who return to Yavin, determined to check in with Zekk and their families.

This story occurs approximately 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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