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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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[Young Jedi Knights]
Events that occur between 22 and 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Young Jedi Knights #6: Jedi Under Siege]

Paperback Youth Novel
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This story is included in:

[Jedi Sunrise]

Volume 2: Jedi Sunrise

Jedi Under Siege
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1996, 2003)

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The Jedi Academy hastily prepares for an all-out assault. As Tenel gives the students a crash course in ground combat, Jacen and Jaina help set up planetary shield generators. Peckhum arrives with emergency supplies, just as the Shadow Academy enters orbit. Stealth TIE's drop down. One crashes, but the other manages to blow up the shield generators. Communications are jammed, cutting Yavin off from the rest of the galaxy.
The Jedi evacuate the Great Temple and race into the jungle, as Dark Jedi jump from a battle platform to the ground. As Jacen takes Peckhum's ship (the Lightning Rod) to try to stop the jamming, and Jaina works on repairing the shields, Tenel and Lowie takes on the battle platform with Tamith on it in the T-23. They only get themselves shot down.
A bloodbath rages in the jungle. Brakiss is deliberately trying to win this the hard way - an even match of Imperial versus Republic, dark versus light. He openly challenges Luke to a duel at the Temple of the Blue Leaf Cluster. Despite a fierce battle, the Lightning Rod gets far enough out for Jacen to send out a distress call. It is clear the fight will be over before anyone arrives, one way or the other. Zekk calls up a huge storm - just as the crippled Rod blasts by. When Raynar attacks, Zekk completely humiliates the boy, leaving him there in a slimy river.
Qorl is fed up with Norys, a former Lost One whose brashness and rage is outweighing his sense and skills. When Norys concentrates on blowing up the Lightning Rod rather than attack the academy, Qorl blows him up. Tenel Ka beats Tamith, and she and Lowie help destroy the battle platform. Reinforcements come in from GemDiver Station and the New Republic, and an air war begins. Suddenly, the Imperium's reinforcements arrive as well.
Luke and Brakiss duke it out with lightsabers. Luke destroys Brakiss's lightsaber, and the Dark Jedi flees back to the Shadow Academy. Lando, realising the Imperium is using their own computers against them, turns the tables, and disables all the fleet's shields. The New Republic fleet slowly wins the battle, shooting Qorl down for a second time. The pilot heads back into the jungle - this time to stay.
Brakiss storms into the Shadow Academy, blasts past the Royal Guards, and finally faces Palpatine - who is not there. It had all been a sham by the Royal Guard to pretend Palpatine was alive. The last guard escapes and triggers the self-destruct mechanism, blowing Brakiss and the Shadow Academy to cinders. The final battle occurs at the Great Temple, where a broken-down Zekk guards the gate. It all comes down to a final lightsaber duel - Jaina versus Zekk. Realising Zekk wants to die, Jaina turns off her lightsaber and offers her life to him. When he sees the Lightning Rod return to port, barely in one piece, he begins to surrender.
At that moment the Great Temple explodes, bombed in a final act of evil from the Second Imperium. And Zekk is right in the middle of the explosion. Days later, the Jedi slowly start to rebuild themselves and the Academy. Moreover, among them is Zekk, who miraculously survived and prepares to begin a new life.

This story occurs approximately 23 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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