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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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[Young Jedi Knights]
Events that occur between 22 and 24 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Young Jedi Knights #3: The Lost Ones]

Paperback Youth Novel
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This story is included in:

[Jedi Shadow]

Volume 1: Jedi Shadow

The Lost Ones
Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1995, 2003)

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The Jedi head home to Coruscant for a vacation. Jaina is particularly looking forward to seeing Zekk, an adventurous lad who often appears with the Academy's cargo ferrier Peckhum. The group reunites with the Solo family and are reacquainted with Zekk. He in turn leads them on a search through Coruscant's underground to find a valuable hawk-bat's egg. They are set upon by "The Lost Ones," a gang of orphans who live in Coruscant's underground. They beat the gang back and return home to incubate the egg.
Zekk is invited for a diplomatic dinner at the Solo's. His manners prove embarrassing, and he runs away, only to run into Tamith Kai, who shows him that he is Force sensitive. Meanwhile, the space cruiser Adamant (commanded by Admiral Ackbar) is disabled in Coruscant space by Imperial fighters led by Qorl. The Imperial jettisons the crew in lifepods and takes the ship.
Zekk finds himself in the Shadow Academy, where Brakiss and Tamith begin educating him in the ways of the Dark Side, turning him against his Jedi friends who never told him of his potential. A cargo shuttle leaving Coruscant is blown apart, seemingly colliding into nothing. The young Jedi investigate, even as Peckhum shows up wondering where Zekk is. Believing him to be a victim of the Lost Ones, they set out into their territory.
And they do find Zekk, who has fallen into the Dark Side and is recruiting Lost Ones into the Shadow Academy. The Jedi are stunned, but allowed to return home to send the word. They realise that the Shadow Academy is mobile and in Coruscant orbit. Brakiss, who seems to be taking orders from Emperor Palpatine, resurrected again, takes the Shadow Academy away just as the Jedi uncloak it, taking Zekk and the Lost Ones with him. The shattered young Jedi return to Yavin, bearing a goodbye message from Zekk (who clearly does not know what he is getting into).

This story occurs approximately 22 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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