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[The New Jedi Order]
Events that occur between 25 and 40 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion]

The Jedi Knights are now a hundred strong.
The New Republic has signed a peace treaty with what little remains of the Empire.
The galaxy is finally enjoying a peaceful respite from decades of war.
It's at this time that a terrifying alien menace invades the Galaxy from beyond known space.
The Yuuzhan Vong lay waste to entire worlds in their scourge.

Timeframe: approximately 25 years after the Battle of Yavin
When an observatory on the Outer Rim planet Belkadan discovers an unknown asteroid originating from beyond the known galaxy, little do they realise that it is hiding the vanguard of an invading alien army. The aliens, the Yuuzhan Vong, are a fierce warrior race who believe in their own supremacy, a belief enforced by their fanatical religious ideology that extends to the masochistic endurance of self-inflicted pain by organ grafting without any form of pain relief. The Yuuzhan Vong regard all mechanical and non-organic technology as blasphemous, and instead adopt and adapt living organic forms to serve them for all their material needs. However it would be the Yuuzhan Vong's invisibility in the Force that would confound the Jedi at the beginning of the war, who by the teachings of Master Luke Skywalker, believed that the Force should be used for peaceful purposes.
As the Yuuzhan Vong vanguard consolidate their bridgeheads on several Outer Rim planets, Luke, his wife Mara Jade (suffering from a mysterious illness), the Solo family, Chewbacca and the two droids R2-D2 and C3-P0 find themselves in the local area visiting former Republic general, now turned entrepreneur, Lando Calrissian. On one planet, Serpindal, the Yuuzhan Vong alter its moon's orbit so that it will crash into the planet. During the panicked evacuation, Chewbacca is killed while saving Han and Leia's youngest child, Anakin.
Realising the gravity of the threat posed by the alien invaders, Leia returns to Coruscant to plead for military assistance. Initially the New Republic leadership, under Borsk Fey'lya, dismisses Leia's claims as fanciful, and internal bickering amongst its members is consuming much of the Republic's military resources and is therefore unable to assist. Unbeknownst to anybody, many of the inter-planetary squabbles and disputes have been instigated by Yuuzhan Vong agents provocateur such as Nom Anor, who with the use of ooglith cloaks (living disguises) where able to disguise themselves as native inhabitants. Reluctant to meet the invasion head-on, and to enable the re-grouping of its military forces to protect the more important Core worlds, the New Republic Senate opts to send a diplomatic peace envoy to meet the invaders, whereupon the Yuuzhan Vong murder him.
The occupied worlds undergo "Vongforming", a terra-forming process that destroys all non-organic technology, literally bio-degrading all forms of mechanical technology, and making the planet suitable for habitation by the Yuuzhan Vong. Native inhabitants either have to flee their home worlds or become slaves to the Yuuzhan Vong conquerors.
Unable to sense the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force, the Jedi Order is divided on how to combat the alien threat. Luke Skywalker still advocates a defensive and more peaceful approach in their use of the Force, while others like Kyp Durron, claim the Jedi should take a more proactive and aggressive stand against the Republic's enemies. Kyp's stance produces some spectacular results in the initial stages of the Vong invasion, but division is widened after the Battle of Ithor when Corran Horn duels with the Yuuzhan Vong commander, Shedao Shai, for the fate of planet. Although Corran defeats and kills Shai, the Yuuzhan Vong still unleash a devastating bio-engineered poison that destroys the planet's unique eco-system and renders it totally uninhabitable for which the Jedi, and Corran in particular, are blamed for.
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Timeframe: approximately 25-26 years after the Battle of Yavin
The New Republic leadership finally acknowledges the Yuuzhan Vong threat but its initial military actions against the invaders prove to be ineffectual as they are usually either too little or too late. Thus poor military tactics, undermined by the political ineptitude of its leaders, only hastened the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy. The only successes the New Republic had, limited though they are, are at the hands of the Jedi. Recognising the threat the Jedi posed to their invasion, Yuuzhan Vong spy Nom Anor developed a poison with the assistance of the priestess Elan and her bird-like pet, Vergere. Nom Anor planned to infect the Jedi under the pretence of Elan defecting to the Jedi and breathing the toxic gas into a room full of Jedi. However the plan is uncovered by Han Solo who, overcome with grief at the loss of Chewbacca, had exiled himself from his friends and had begun a personal vendetta against Yuuzhan Vong collaborators, recognised that Elan's 'defection' is fake. Elan is poisoned by her own toxin and Vergere escaped, but not before giving Han an anti-dote to the poison that had affected Luke's wife, Mara Jade.
Meanwhile Leia returns to her previous role as Ambassador and travels to the Hapes Cluster in an attempt to secure military support against the Yuuzhan Vong. Jacen and Anakin Solo travel to the Correlian system to reactivate Centerpoint Station, Anakin being the only person able to activate it. But while they debate whether to fire the formable weapon, Jacen arguing that its use could lead to the Dark Side, Han's cousin Thracken Sal-Solo fires its powerful repulsor beam into the Fondor system where a Hapan fleet has engaged a Yuuzhan Vong flotilla. But, unable to control the weapon properly, his aim is off and Thracken succeeds in wiping out three-quarters of the Hapan battleships as well as half of the Yuuzhan Vong's fleet. Although Thracken is hailed as a hero on Corellia, the Jedi refuse to use the weapon again and so it lies dormant for the remainder of the war.
The heavily polluted but uninhabited planet Duro is chosen to house the ever increasing number of refugees forced to abandon their home worlds. However the Yuuzhan Vong realise Duro's strategic importance as a perfect staging area for their attack on Coruscant and the Core planets and so lay siege to the planet. Leia, who had used her own influence and power to assist in the evacuation of many other conquered worlds, is sent to Duro to seek peace terms with the Vong. Leia's experience of the Yuuzhan Vong's previous handling of peace envoys ensures that rather than try to parley with the invaders, it is military action that the Vong understand better. Her military force, supported by the Jedi, fails to recapture Duro but does prevent the Vong's further advancement into the Core. It is during the fighting that Jacen Solo, who had been uncertain in his own use of the Force, saves his mother from Vong torture after defeating Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah in combat by cutting off Lah's leg.
Enraged at being defeated by a Jedi, Tsavong Lah adopts a new tactic: the Yuuzhan Vong will not invade Coruscant if the Jedi are surrendered to the Yuuzhan Vong: dead or alive. Following Leia's escape from her torturers, she is reunited with her husband Han.
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Timeframe: approximately 26 years after the Battle of Yavin
The Yuuzhan Vong's rapid conquest of the galaxy meant that many people, including politicians unwilling to blame themselves, lay the blame for the New Republic's failures on the Jedi. So when Warmaster Tsavong Lah offers peace in return for the surrender of a hundred Jedi, many people endorse and actively support the Warmaster's offer. Thus the Jedi find themselves continually on the move trying to evade capture or death at the hands of bounty hunters and Yuuzhan Vong sympathisers such as The Peace Brigade. Many Jedi are caught or killed, but Luke's wife, Mara Jade, successfully avoids capture on Coruscant and soon after gives birth to their son Ben, named after Luke's mentor Obi-Wan "Old Ben" Kenobi.
While on Yavin IV, the Jedi Academy falls to a massive onslaught by the Yuuzhan Vong. Anakin Solo rescues his friend Tahiri Veila from Yuuzhan Vong shapers, supervisors of the Yuuzhan Vong's organic technology, who have been attempting to brainwash her through a process of implants and torture. During their escape Anakin and Tahiri encounter a group of Yuuzhan Vong workers and slaves who have been outcast by their own society as the Shamed Ones because their bodies rejected or would not take implants. After they assist a former Yuuzhan Vong warrior whose implants were rejected in obtaining revenge on the shaper whom he believed had deliberately sabotaged his implants, a heretic cult of the "Jeedia" begins amongst the Shamed Ones who see the Jedi as saviours.
With the Yuuzhan Vong's bounty on the Jedi, Luke enlists many of his most trusted friends in establishing the Great River - a network that would allow the Jedi to move safely about the galaxy without fear of capture. One such operative, a former Jedi Academy friend of Anakin's, prevents a plot to contaminate the galaxy's bacta supply.
As the Yuuzhan Vong consolidate their gains, Supreme Overlord Shimrra and his jester Onimi arrive to oversee the final stages of the conquest of the galaxy.
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Timeframe: approximately 26-27 years after the Battle of Yavin
In their determined hunt for the Jedi the Yuuzhan Vong begin cloning voxyn, creatures created to hunt and kill Jedi through the Force. When the Jedi discover that all voxyn are cloned from a single voxyn queen, Anakin Solo proposes a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Yuuzhan Vong's voxyn lairs and destroy the voxyn queen on the planet Myrkr. Leading a volunteer group that included many young Jedi Knights including Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Tahiri Veila, Zekk, Raynar Thul and Alema Rar, Anakin's mission to Myrkr met continual resistance from Yuuzhan Vong warriors led by Nom Anor and Vergere. On the planet the Jedi encountered two Dark Jedi, Lomi Plo and Welk, who are convinced to join the Jedi's mission, but ended up double-crossing the Jedi when they stole the escape spacecraft. Although the mission is successful in destroying the voxyn queen, several of the young Jedi including Anakin are killed and Jacen is captured.
The Jedi bounty tactic introduced by Tsavong Lah does not have the desired effect so Supreme Overlord Shimrra orders the invasion of Coruscant. The Yuuzhan Vong's tactics are both ruthless and brutal as they use captured refugee ships to literally bombard the planet's shields and defences. Realising the enormity of the Vong's methods, the New Republic leadership and military are reluctant to fire upon their own citizens imprisoned within the refugee ships. During the fierce battles over Coruscant, Luke Skywalker and the Jedi are successful in destroying several Yuuzhan Vong war co-ordinating yammosks, but ultimately could not stop the overall bombardment.
After the successful planet bombardment, the Yuuzhan Vong begin its invasion with thousands of dropships each containing hundreds upon hundreds of warriors that result in the eventual capture of the planet. Borsk Fey'lya, in a desperate attempt to salvage his reputation, refuses to surrender to Tsavong Lah's emissary and, having linked a bomb to his own heartbeat, knows that the Yuuzhan Vong will kill him. The resultant explosion kills an estimated 25,000 Vong warriors and destroys most of the old Imperial Palace. To consolidate their victory the Yuuzhan Vong begin Vongforming Coruscant and rename it Yuuzhan'tar after their own home world.
The cost to both sides is immense, although successful in capturing Coruscant Supreme Warlord Shimrra estimated that the Yuuzhan Vong's loses to date amounted to a third of its warriors and he is forced to halt the invasion into other parts of the galaxy until more warriors could be bred. Effectively the New Republic no longer existed with its leadership in tatters after the fall of Coruscant, while the Yuuzhan Vong control around one half of the galaxy.
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Timeframe: approximately 27 years after the Battle of Yavin
Jaina Solo and the Myrkr mission survivors escape to the Hapes Cluster in Nom Anor's spaceship unaware that it actually belongs to the Yuuzhan Vong priest caste and is an important spiritual icon. When she discovers the true identity of the spaceship she taunts the Yuuzhan Vong by renaming it The Trickster after the Yuuzhan Vong god of deception Yun-Harla and intimating that she is an incarnation of Yun-Harla. She lives up to her new identity as she assists in defending the Hapans from invasion when her plan to change the Yuuzhan Vong's friend or foe recognition systems is successful and the Yuuzhan Vong end up attacking their own vessels.
Attempting to regroup from the fall of Coruscant, Wedge Antilles is annoyed when the remnants of the New Republic leadership refuse to supply him with additional forces to hold a recaptured Borleias, a strategic planet necessary for the counter strike against Coruscant. Learning that the surviving politicians are considering surrender to the Yuuzhan Vong, Wedge forms The Insiders, a resistance group consisting of like-minded military figures who will continue to fight the invaders. When the Yuuzhan Vong launch their offensive to retake Borleias, Wedge uses their obsession with Jaina's assumed identity to draw their fleet into a trap, but he is unable to prevent the fall of Borleias to the Yuuzhan Vong due to a lack of materiel.
Jacen Solo, having been captured on Myrkr, is transferred to Coruscant via a Yuuzhan Vong seedship, a gigantic space-travelling repository for Yuuzhan Vong genetically engineered creatures. During his time on the seedship Jacen is tortured using the 'Embrace of Pain' by Tsavong Lah and Nom Anor who believe he can be turned to accept the 'True Way' of Yuuzhan Vong worship and sacrifice. During his torture sessions he is visited by Vergere who only talks in riddles about being Jacen's guide on a painful spiritual journey. In other sessions Jacen is forced to telepathically bond with dhuryams, special creatures designed to oversee the Vongforming process. He forms a special and unique bond with one particular dhuryam that will become the 'World Brain' for the Vongforming of Coruscant. Eventually Jacen escapes with Vergere's help and the use of Dark Side power, when the seedship arrives at Coruscant. Pursued by Yuuzhan Vong warriors Jacen encounters Jedi Knight Ganner Rhysode and they make their way to the former Galactic Senate Building, now home of the World Brain. Sacrificing himself to give Jacen time to implant in the World Brain's mind instructions that would cause little things to go wrong with its terra-forming of Coruscant, Ganner holds back hundreds of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. Jacen along with Vergere, who has shown Jacen a radical understanding of the Force during his spiritual journey, escape Coruscant.
In an attempt to disrupt The Peace Brigade, Yuuzhan Vong collaborators, a Jedi strike force is dispatched to the planet Ylesia to capture the Brigade's leader: Thracken Sal-Solo. However Supreme Overlord Shimrra of the Yuuzhan Vong had dispatched reinforcements to protect the planet, but the Jedi are successful in capturing Thracken and discover that he had originally requested a treaty of friendship with the Yuuzhan Vong in exchange for Corellian neutrality, but had been double-crossed by Shimrra who installed him as the leader of the Peace Brigade in an attempt to discredit him. Thracken Sal-Solo is extradited back to Corellia to stand trial for treason.
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Time frame: approximately 28 years after the Battle of Yavin
The surviving remnants of the New Republic leadership establish a new seat of government on Mon Calamari and rename themselves the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, or Galactic Alliance, under the leadership of Cal Omas, an Alderaanian and friend of the Jedi. Omas approves Luke Skywalker's plan to form a new Jedi Council consisting of a mixture of Jedi and politicians. One of Omas's first acts is to send Han and Leia to the Imperial Remnant, so far unaffected by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, in an attempt to secure an alliance. However Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, leader of the Imperial Remnant feels that a military alliance would not be beneficial and instead offers Han and Leia top-secret Imperial maps of hyperspace routes through the galaxy's Deep Core, including a route to the Ebaq system.
Continuing Jacen's spiritual journey, Vergere makes cryptic references about Jacen's destiny and reveals her true identity: she was once a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who, ten years before the Clone Wars, was sent to discover a living planet known as Zonama Sekot. She was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and had been living with them for the past fifty years.
When Han and Leia return from the Imperial Remnant, Admiral Ackbar devises a strategy that capitalises on the Yuuzhan Vong's inability to retreat. Luring the Tsavong Lah's fleet to the Ebaq system and mining the only escape route, Ackbar's plan succeeds beyond all expectations. Not only is Tsavong Lah's fleet completely destroyed, but the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster is also killed by Jaina Solo. During the battle, Vergere sacrifices herself to save Jacen.
However the success at Ebaq is not enough to quell some elements within the Galactic Alliance. In particular the Bothans demand the complete genocide of the Yuuzhan Vong in revenge for Borsk Fey'lya's death, and assist in the development of 'Alpha Red' - a virus designed to exterminate every Yuuzhan Vong in the galaxy.
Learning of the defeat at Ebaq, Supreme Overlord Shimrra orders Nom Anor, upon whose intelligence Tsavong Lah had committed his forces, to commit ritual suicide. However Nom Amor evades Shimrra escaping to the Yuuzhan Vong underclass on Yuuzhan'tar pretending to be a Shamed One. Supreme Overlord Shimrra privately informs his staff that the war can no longer be won.
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Time frame: approximately 28-29 years after the Battle of Yavin
Alarmed by the sudden loss of communications with scores of worlds, Han, Leia and Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila, still haunted by her traumatic brainwashing by the Yuuzhan Vong, set out to discover the reasons for the communication failures. They discover that several planetary systems have capitulated to the Yuuzhan Vong in exchange for support in settling age-old rivalries with neighbouring systems. They are successful in preventing several Yuuzhan Vong supported genocides aided by old friends from affected systems. Tahiri masters her half-Jedi, half-Vong nature.
Meanwhile Nom Anor, living amongst the Shamed Ones beneath Yuuzhan'tar's surface, assumes the identity of Yu'shaa the Prophet in order to lead the thousands of followers of the heretic Jeedia cult against Supreme Warlord Shimrra. But when Shimrra orders warriors to crush Amor's uprising, Amor evades capture.
Realising the importance of the living planet Zonama Sekot as a means of ending the war, Luke assembles a small Jedi team including his wife Mara and nephew Jacen to seek the whereabouts of Zonama Sekot's location. Their first stop is with the Imperial Remnant where they hope to obtain hyperspace maps to the Unknown Regions, but their arrival coincides with a Yuuzhan Vong offensive against the Imperial Remnant. Although initially forced to retreat, Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon along with the Jedi's support, regroups his forces and launches a successful counter-attack. Where the Yuuzhan Vong had hoped for an easy conquest, they found themselves opening a second front in the war.
Pellaeon supplies Luke with the maps and the Jedi penetrate the Unknown Regions and arrive on the Chiss home world. Initially reluctant to help the Jedi in their search for Zonama Sekot, the Chiss Ascendancy acquiesces to Luke's requests when the Jedi assist in quelling a local uprising. However their first requests for assistance from the living planet are turned down, but the planet agrees when it discovers that the righteousness of the Jedi's cause.
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Time frame: approximately 29 years after the Battle of Yavin
Made aware of the possible threat posed by Zonama Sekot and plagued with bouts of madness, Shimrra orders the development of a virus that would destroy Zonama Sekot's biosphere. Entrusting the virus with members of his priest caste, they are smuggled along with Nom Anor, still disguised as Yu'shaa, to Zonama Sekot. Upon their arrival on the living planet the priests realise that Zonama Sekot is actually a descendant of the Yuuzhan Vong's real home world but Nom Anor, eager to redeem himself in the eyes of Shimrra, takes the virus from the now redemptive priests and injects it into the planet's neural interface. Anor escapes back to Yuuzhan'tar just as the Zonama Sekot reacts to the virus and jumps to hyperspace trapping the Jedi and Yuuzhan Vong priests on the planet.
Although his forces are over-stretched, Shimrra orders a full-scale assault on the Galactic Alliance's capital on Mon Calamari. Anticipating this move and learning of the Yuuzhan Vong's stretched resources, the Galactic Alliance split their forces in two: half to defend Mon Calamari, half to retake Coruscant. Using refined tactics, including battle-melds, the Jedi are instrumental in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong's attack on Mon Calamari.
Unaware that his attempt to poison Zonama Sekot has failed, Nom Anor is reinstated to position of authority by Shimrra but when the living planet enters into a close orbit of Coruscant, thus destabilizing the planet's gravitational forces, Nom Anor is forced to flee again. While the Shamed Ones gaze upon the living planet as their salvation, Shimrra views it as a sign of his doom. Supported by Imperial Remnant forces, the Galactic Alliance battle Yuuzhan Vong warships in Coruscant's space while Luke leads a Jedi strike team against Shimrra's citadel. The Jedi receive welcome support from the Shamed Ones, eager to take down their historical caste oppressors, to overcome Shimrra's many obstacles. While Jacen and Jaina pursue the jester Onimi, Luke faces Shimrra in a titanic battle. Using two lightsabers, his own and that of his late nephew Anakin Solo, Luke beheads Shimrra in a style reminiscent of his father's beheading of Count Dooku nearly 50 years previous. Before knocking Jaina unconscious, Onimi reveals to Jaina that he is the true leader of the Yuuzhan Vong: he is literally the puppet master of Shimrra. Reaching deeper into the Force than any known Jedi has ever done, Jacen becomes a pure Force energy being and overcomes Onimi causing the former puppet master to fade into oblivion. Realising that the war is lost Nom Anor commits suicide rather than being forced to live with either the Yuuzhan Vong survivors or amongst the peoples he once spied upon.
The Galactic Alliance are victorious when the highest ranking Yuuzhan Vong leader Nas Choka surrenders and Coruscant is retaken. Luke Skywalker convinces the Galactic Alliance to allow the surviving Yuuzhan Vong to live on Zonama Sekot. Nas Choka leads his survivors onto the living planet, which jumps into hyperspace for the Unknown Regions.
Although the war has been won, the cost was massive: an estimated 365 trillion sentient beings were killed including Chewbacca, Anakin Solo and half of the Jedi Order; nearly half of the galaxy was conquered and had undergone Vongforming; and many planets are completely uninhabitable. The surviving Jedi take on a broader view of the Force and Luke forms a new Jedi Council consisting of Force and non-Force users to serve the Galactic Alliance. Jacen Solo, disturbed by his different uses of the Force during the war, embarks on a five-year voyage of self-discovery seeking out the different forms of Force usage throughout the galaxy.
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Time frame: approximately 35-36 years after the Battle of Yavin
Ten years have past since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war but the galaxy is still trying to rebuild itself. Although the Unknown Regions had been relatively unaffected by the war, its consequences would still affect the insectile Killik race when during the Jedi mission to Myrkr some 8 years previous, three Force-user survivors, believed to have been killed on Myrkr, crash-landed in the heart of the Killik Colony. Over the subsequent years the survivors became absorbed into the Killik's collective mind. However, being Force-users, they influenced the collective with their own conscious beliefs and values. So while the two Dark Force users, Lomi Plo and Welk, helped to formulate the Dark Nest, a large group hidden from the collective's conscious, Jedi Knight Raynar Thul instilled individual values to the point that the colony's population increased so much that it required expansion. It now threatens its borders with the Chiss Ascendancy.
When the other survivors of the Myrkr mission, including Jacen and Jaina Solo, began answering Force summons from Raynar Thul for assistance against the Chiss, they found themselves leading military missions and becoming parts of the Killik's collective mind. Learning that Jedi are supporting the Killiks, the Chiss Ascendancy threatened war with the Galactic Alliance. Convincing Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas that the Jedi could handle the Killik problem, Luke kills Welk while Leia secures a cease-fire between the Chiss and Killiks when she successfully negotiates for the Killiks to move into uninhabited planets away from the Chiss border. Leia realises that her true destiny is as a Jedi Knight and so enrols in her brother's Academy.
However only one year later, Jacen is disturbed by a vision indicating a Chiss invasion of Killik space that if allowed to come to pass would embroil the galaxy in an endless war. With help from Jaina and other Jedi Knights and unbeknownst to both Omas and Luke, Jacen launches a pre-emptive strike against the Chiss in support of the Killik colony. In the resulting backlash Luke understands that he no longer has control of the Jedi and realises that his attempts of including all in the Order's decision making has also left it leaderless and lacking vision.
Taking the title of Jedi Grandmaster, Luke, and his Jedi Order assist the Galactic Alliance in blockading the Killik colony to prevent escalations with the Chiss. However Lomi Plo's Dark Nest had been influencing Raynar Thul and the rest of the Killik colony and makes its move against the Galactic Alliance by capturing several starships used in the blockade. Luke and the Jedi move against the Dark Nest having proven to Raynar Thul of its existence and in a dramatic fight, Luke slays Lomi Plo in four. Meanwhile Raynar is convinced to leave the Killik colony and return with the Jedi to their Temple on Ossus for treatment. Without the Force influences of Lomi Plo, Welk and Raynar Thul, the Killik colony returns to its normal peaceful isolationist existence.
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