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Page updated: 4th August 2008


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[The New Jedi Order]
Events that occur between 25 and 40 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Parts 1 to 3 of this story was first published in
Star Wars Gamer #8, 9 & 10;
parts 4 to 6 were first published in
Star Wars Insider #62, 63 & 64:

[Star Wars Gamer - issue 8][Star Wars Gamer - issue 9]

[Star Wars Gamer - issue 10][Star Wars Insider - issue 62]

[Star Wars Insider - issue 63][Star Wars Insider - issue 64]

Emissary of the Void
Greg Keyes
Wizards of the Coast / Paizo Publishing
Story published as:
Short Story (2002, 2006)

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Out in the Corporate Sector, ex-Jedi student Uldir Lochett and his crew of
No Luck Required are helping the war effort by establishing safe routes for Luke Skywalker's Jedi Knights. However, their peaceful R&R is disturbed when they help to rescue Jedi Knight Klin-Fa Gi from a group of security officers, Peace Brigaders and Yuuzhan Vong spies. Klin-Fa insists on being taken to Wayland, but when Uldir contacts Luke for advice, he is alarmed to learn that Klin-Fa Gi died two months ago and no-one is allowed on occupied Wayland.
Klin-Fa escapes from Uldir custody and heads to Wayland by herself. Uldir and his crew follow the escapee deep into enemy occupied space. On Wayland, Uldir discovers the reason for Klin-Fa Gi's secrecy and lies, the Yuuzhan Vong have created a bio-weapon that threatens to destroy the galaxy's supply of bacta, and the Jedi Knight suspects treachery amongst her own!

This story occurs approximately 26 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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