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Page updated: 4th June 2008


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[The New Jedi Order]
Events that occur between 25 and 40 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story was first published in
Star Wars Insider #75:

[Star Wars Insider - issue 75]

Or Die Trying
Sean Williams and Shane Dix
Paizo Publishing
Published as:
Short Story (2004, 2005)

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Jaina Solo is tasked with locating the manufacturer's of the Human Replica Droids (HRD) that ex-Bakuran Prime Minister Cundertol had used to entech his own mind. Her only clues are the letters ODT and the name of a planet, Onadax. Travelling undercover, she successfully infiltrates a factory on Onadax and is shocked when her arrival is actually welcomed by the male humanoid in charge. Jaina realises that the man is not "alive", but is another HRD similar to Cundertol.
The droid introduces himself as Stanton and is not surprised to learn of Jaina's real name, he claims his brother attended the Imperial Academy at the same time as her father: his brother is Dash Rendar! The hired smuggler charged with helping her mother rescue her father from Boba Fett after he was encased in carbonite. But Dash had died killing Prince Xixor, the chief of the criminal Black Sun Organisation more than twenty years ago. Now it seems, Dash was still alive but living as an HRD. Stanton also reveals that the HRD production and technique had been perfected with the help of one of Xixor's ex-assassins, Guri. Apparantly Guri had her original programming deleted and was now living as normal a life as is possible.
Stanton tries to convince Jaina of the benefit's of HRD entechment but this turns out to be a time-wasting ploy as his factory is secretly evacuated. Stanton escapes after sending battle droids against Jaina and setting a five-minute fuse on the factory's self-destruct. Jaina quickly dispatches the droids and excapes just in time as the factory explodes.
Her mission is a success, the HRD factory has been destroyed even though its owner and the technology have escaped, but Jaina now has both a name and a face to the HRD production.

This story occurs approximately 28 years after the Battle of Yavin, just after the events of Refugee.

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