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Page updated: 25th April 2012


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[The New Jedi Order]
Events that occur between 25 and 40 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Invasion: Revelations]

Graphic Novel
Published 2012 as
Invasion: Volume 3 - Revelations.
Check availability and pricing at:


[ Things From Another World ]

[Forbidden Planet Intenational]

Comic Book series
Published July thru November 2011
as Invasion: Revelations #1, 2, 3,
4 & 5 by Dark Horse Comics:

[Invasion: Revelations- issue 1][Invasion: Revelations - issue 1 (Dark Horse 25th Anniversary cover)]

Issue #1 Issue #1
(Dark Horse 25th Anniversary cover)

[Invasion: Revelations- issue 2][Invasion: Revelations- issue 3]

Issue #2Issue #3

[Invasion: Revelations- issue 4][Invasion: Revelations- issue 5]

Issue #4Issue #5

e-Comic Book Series
Issues #1 thru #5 published 2011
by Dark Horse Digital.

Tom Taylor, Colin Wilson, Wes Dzioba, Michael Heisler, Jo Chen et al.
Dark Horse Comics [US]; Titan Books [UK]
Published as:
Comic Book series (2011)
e-Comic Book series (2011)
Graphic Novel (2012)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language][Also published in German language]

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As the invading Yuuzhan Vong penetrate deeper into the galaxy, the Jedi fight back!
But one Jedi in training has taken a different path: Finn Galfridian, under the guidance of the mysterious Master Dray, infiltrates Coruscant and discovers revelations about the leaders of the New Republic that could lead to disaster!
Kaye and Nina Galfridian have been on the frontlines of the Yuuzhan Vong war, gathering refugees from their home planet, and others, along the way. Now, as they prepare to reunite the refugees with their families at a safe haven, an attack on their ship comes from a most unexpected quarter!
Queen Nina of Artorias and her stepdaughter Kaye discover that the haven meant for the refugees in their care is actually a work camp run by the Empire--for the benefit of the invaders! But worse than that, Kaye learns a horrifying secret about her adoptive mother--and herself!
Queen Nina and Princess Kayeís attack on the Yuuzhan Vong collaborators on Shramar has brought Warmaster Tsavong Lah and his armada to the scene.
But the New Republic has some special forces in reserve: namely, every free ship in the sector! Itís a space battle of epic proportions as pirate ships, freighters, and Imperial vessels join the New Republicís fleet against the invaders from another galaxy!
Queen Nina and Princess Kaye have successfully rescued the refugees from the Battle of Shramar, but the Yuuzhan Vong invaders may still have another win for their tally. Or is there another revelation in store?
Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Jedi-in-training Finn Galfridian finds that in trying to prevent an assassination, he may be complicit in one! The next revelation may be about Finnís new mentor!

Synopsis taken from Dark Horse Comics, www.darkhorse.com.

This story occurs approximately 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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