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Page updated: 4th March 2017
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[This story occurs during The Old Republic era]
Events occurring between 5,000 and 67 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[Knights of the Old Republic: Volume 6 - Vindication]

Graphic Novel
Published as
Knights of the Old Republic -
Volume 6: Vindication.
Check availability & pricing at:

[things from another world]


These stories are collected in:

[Omnibus - Knights of the Old Republic: Volume 2]

Knights of the Old Republic: Volume 2


[Epic Collection - The Old Republic: Volume 2]

The Old Republic: Volume 2

Comic Books
Published May thru November 2008 as Knights of the Old Republic #29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 & 35 by Dark Horse Comics:

[issue 29][issue 30]

Issue #29Issue #30

[issue 31][issue 32]

Issue #31Issue #32

[issue 33][issue 34]

Issue #33Issue #34

[issue 35]

Issue #35

e-Comic Books
Issues #29 thru #35 published 2011
by Dark Horse Digital.

John Jackson Miller, Bong Dazo, Dustin Weaver, Michael Atiyeh, Dan Parsons et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Stories published as:
Comic Books (2008)
Graphic Novel (2009)
e-Comic Books (2011)
Omnibus Graphic Novel (2013)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2017)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language][Also published in German language]

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This book collects together the following comic stories:

  • Exalted
    Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick's quest to clear his name takes him to a secret storehouse of Sith artifacts collected by the Jedi Masters who framed him!
    Zayne and his con-artist companion Gryph commit to a new course in exposing the dark actions of the secret Jedi Covenant. Yet doing so will take them not only to the homeworld of one of Zayne's murdering Masters, but into the most highly guarded place on the planet!
    When Zayne and his con-artist companion Gryph decided to risk it all in an attempt to prove Zayne's innocence, they never expected a consequence for failure quite like this! Their plans ruined and their future bleak, Zayne and Gryph need to act fast or the history and traditions of an entire world could fall victim to another display of madness by the secret Jedi Covenant!
    Will another Jedi fall to the Prophecy?

  • Turnabout
    Zayne Carrick, a fugitive Padawan accused of the murder of his fellow students, is on his way to the authorities in hope of clearing his name, shedding light on the Jedi Masters who framed him, and revealing the covert order to which they belong. But reaching the right people without facing off against his former masters is proving to be more difficult than Zayne imagined! Success is going to require help from every true friend Zayne has garnered in his long quest for justice.
    The secret Jedi Covenant is on the brink of exposure!

  • Vindication
    At long last, Padawan Zayne Carrick confronts the Jedi Masters who framed him for murder!
    The prophecy that was seen by Zayneís Masters appears to be coming true. Two pieces of the sequence have come to pass and those who remain alive are still fighting to prevent their vision from becoming a reality. The Jedi Consulars are beginning to doubt themselves and itís possible they have overlooked a true source of danger!
    Padawan Zayne Carrick has come to confront the Jedi who framed him for the murder of his fellow students. Yet he and his former Masters are shocked by an unforeseen revelation, another failed Padawan, believed to be a devoted servant, unveils his own dark intentions!
    The secret Jedi Covenant has one leader, but it isn't the devoted Jedi seer, Lady Krynda Draay. As Padawan Zayne Carrick struggles to clear his name, the Masters who framed him for murder are finding the ideals they have worked so hard to protect are crumbling. They have been deceived by a trusted advisor whose hostile takeover will pit the Jedi Knights against one another: true Jedi of the Order vs. the misguided Jedi of the Covenant!
    Zayne and his former Master, Lucien Draay, will be tempted by the dark side while the Jedi Knights war among themselves and the city-planet Coruscant burns around them.
    The final showdown!

This story occurs approximately 3963 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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