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Page updated: 21st January 2012
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[This story occurs during The Old Republic era]
Events occurring between 5,000 and 67 years before the Battle of Yavin.

Paperback Novel
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Rule of Two
Drew Karpyshyn
Del Rey
Story published as:
Hardback Novel (2007)
Paperback Novel (2008)
e-Book (2011)
Audio Book (2012)

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4 reviews [Average review score: 4.17 / 5]

Darth Bane is a twisted genius whose iron will, fierce ambition, and strength in the dark side of the Force made him a natural leader among the Sith. That is until his radical embrace of an all-but-forgotten wisdom drove him to destroy his own order. And to create it anew from the ashes. As the last surviving Sith, Darth Bane promulgated a harsh new directive: the Rule of Two: Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody the power, the other to crave it.
Now Darth Bane is ready to put his policy into action, and he thinks he has found the key element that will make his triumph complete: a student to train in the ways of the dark side. Though she is young, Zannah possesses an instinctive link to the dark side that rivals his own. With his guidance, she will become essential in his quest to destroy the Jedi and dominate the galaxy.
There is one who is determined to stop Darth Bane: Johun Othone, Padawan to Jedi Master Lord Hoth, who died at Bane's hands in the last great Sith War. Though the rest of the Jedi scoff at him, Johun's belief that there are surviving Sith on the loose is unshakeable.
As Johun continues his dogged pursuit of the man who killed his master, Zannah, faced unexpectedly with a figure from her past, begins to question her embrace of the dark side. And Darth Bane is led by Force-induced visions to a moon where he will acquire astonishing new knowledge and power: power that will alter him in ways he could never have imagined.

This story occurs approximately 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2012
"Rule of Two continues Bane's story from the point it left off in Path of Destruction. In the aftermath of the thought bomb, Bane takes a new apprentice and begins to train her in the ways of the Sith.
Throughout this book, we see Bane change from cunning apprentice to a true master of machination and deception. There is a ten year gap in the middle of the story that allows Karpyshyn to juxtapose nicely the newly emerged Sith Lord with one who has amassed a decade of experience. We also get to witness Bane obtain his infamous orbalisk armour and struggle with the consequences of it too. But whilst Path of Destruction was very much Bane's story, here the narrative follows (as the title suggests) two veins: Bane's and Zannah's. Zannah's story contrasts with Bane's from the previous novel, as here is an apprentice studying under a new regime and with a distinctly different character to Bane. 
As before, we are constantly reminded that our two protagonists are very much anti-heroes; there is a scene early on in which the child Sith apprentice kills in cold blood and to our deepest and most primal instincts there are few things more perverse than the thought of children killing children. Yet despite all of the horrors perpetrated by the Sith duo, as a reader I found myself wanting them to succeed and Zannah more so than Bane himself.
The one thing that stands out as letting the story down is the description of the fight scenes. There is simply too much of it, with much of the choreography fastidiously relayed which not only slows the story, but is also rather confusing. There are also a few instances where the characters slip slightly, suddenly changing their opinions when the flow of the narrative demands it. Nothing that seriously jars, but enough to tarnish the book.
A solid follow up to the previous Bane novel, Rule of Two is well worth a read."
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Review by Tyrone Davies, Wales, 2010
"The Rule of Two picks up immediately after the first book in the series Path of Destruction. Darth Bane is tasked with training an apprentice, concealing the Sith from the Republic/Jedi, setting in motion long term plans for destabilising the Republic whilst as in the first book augmenting his own skills and power by learning from the teachings of Ancient Sith Lords. This book and the first give a valuable insight into the Sith order and what it means to be a Sith from the perspective of Darth Bane and the heir to his legacy Zannah.
"No Star Wars fan should pass up the opportunity to read these books as they expand and consolidate understanding of what it means to be force user and looks at the Jedi order from the other side of the fence. I do not want to reveal too much in this review as I may spoil the plot for fans reading it, but suffice to say I literally could not put the book down and read it in under 12 hours. Drew Karpyshyn should be congratulated on a series of books that are unique in the Star Wars Universe.
"I am going directly to Amazon after posting this review to purchase the final book in the series Dynasty of Evil."
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Review by Colton Jones, USA, 2009
"I think this book was pretty good but the end facing the Jedi like Farfalla and Johun and all the rest was very awesome. But the beginning was pretty good."
Rating: 4.7 / 5

Review by Albert Ramirez, USA, 2008
"For me this book was a very tough experience, you want to root for the Jedi but you know that they can't win or the Sith would never exist. It's really brain wracking because you don't know know who you want to win more. The story is well written with plenty of surprising twists. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the first."
Rating: 4 / 5

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