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Page updated: 4th June 2012
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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[ Omnibus: A Long Time Ago... Volume 4 ]

Graphic Novel
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[things from another world]

[Forbidden Planet Intenational]

e-Comic Book
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Comic Book series published February 1983 thru July 1984 as Star Wars #68-85 and as Return of the Jedi #1-4
by Marvel Comics:

[Issue 68][Issue 69]

Issue #68Issue #69

[Issue 70][Issue 71]

Issue #70Issue #71

[Issue 72][Issue 73]

Issue #72Issue #73

[Issue 74][Issue 75]

Issue #74Issue #75

[Issue 76][Issue 77]

Issue #76Issue #77

[Issue 78][Issue 79]

Issue #78Issue #79

[Issue 80][Issue 81]

Issue #80Issue #81

[Issue 82][Issue 83]

Issue #82Issue #83

[Issue 84][Issue 85]

Issue #84Issue #85

[Return of the Jedi - issue 1][Return of the Jedi - issue 2]

Issue #1Issue #2

[Return of the Jedi - issue 3][Return of the Jedi - issue 4]

Issue #3Issue #4

A Long Time Ago... Volume 4
Roy Thomas, Don Glut, Archie Goodwin et al.
Dark Horse Books [US]; Titan Books [UK]
Stories published as:
Comic Book Series (1983-1984)
Omnibus Graphic Novel (2011)
e-Comic Book (2012)

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This book contains the issues #68 thru #85 of the Marvel Comics collection that was originally published between February 1983 and July 1984.
This volume collates the following issues:

  • Issue 68: The Search Begins
  • Issue 69: Death in the City of Bone
  • Issue 70: The Stenax Shuffle
  • Issue 71: Return to Stenos
  • Issue 72: Fool's Bounty
  • Issue 73: Lahsbane
  • Issue 74: The Iskalon Effect
  • Issue 75: Tidal
  • Issue 76: Artoo-Detoo To The Rescue
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Issue 77: Chanteuse of the Stars
  • Issue 78: Hoth Stuff
  • Issue 79: The Big Con
  • Issue 80: Ellie
  • Issue 81: Jawas of Doom
  • Issue 82: Diplomacy
  • Issue 83: Sweetheart Contract
  • Issue 84: Seoul Searching
  • Issue 85: The Hero

The events featured in these stories occur approximately 3 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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