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Page updated: 4th September 2007


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story was originally published in
Star Wars Adventure Journal #10:

[Star Wars Adventure Journal - issue 10]

This story is now available at:

[ StarWars.com Hyperspace ]

The Capture of Imperial Hazard
Nora Mayers
West End Games
Story published as:
Short Story (1996, 2008)

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Madame Sayer Mon Neela, one of the earliest opponents of Emperor Palpatine, is being hunted down on Horob. However, she refuses to leave - the local base needs her help, and the Empire is bearing down on this world. The Rebels insist on dragging this stubborn woman off the planet, but she hijacks her own escape ship and turns it out - she is determined to face the coming Victory Star Destroyer Imperial Hazard head-on and buy the Rebel troops on Horob enough time to evacuate. She is tired of running - she will not make a mockery of the sacrifices of those who have died. She stuns the Imperials by demanding they surrender their ship - they are her prisoners. Laughing at this Rebel's audacity, they tractor her aboard. Captain Sergus Lanox brings Neela to a private dinner for "negotiations." She threatens to use her wired ship to blow up the Victory Star Destroyer if they do not surrender. Wondering if she is bluffing, Lanox cautiously agrees. Neela orders troops from Horob to come and pick up the Victory Star Destroyer's crew. She reveals that she has a prototype sensor chip that recorded most of the Imperial ship's security codes. Only the prototype works too well, sending the Hazard's computers into overload and sending the Victory Star Destroyer plummeting toward Horob. Astonished, admiring - and attracted - to this woman's cunning, Lenox actually helps Neela escape. She blasts away as the Victory Star Destroyer stops dead in low orbit. Neela is praised for saving Horob and given a citation. Incredibly, Lanox also survived and was given the Medal of Imperial Honour as well.

This story occurs approximately 1 year after the Battle of Yavin.

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