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Page updated: 28th March 2010


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story was originally published in
Star Wars Adventure Journal #14:

[Star Wars Adventure Journal - issue 14]

Crimson Bounty
Charlene Newcomb and Rich Handley
West End Games
Story published as:
Short Story (1997)

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Celia “Crimson” Durasha and smuggler friend Kaj Nedmak are in trouble after double-crossing Bwahl the Hutt by taking a gun shipment from him, supposedly to send to Tammuz-An - but instead diverting to Ord Mantell and selling the guns to pay off a debt to Rass M’Guy. Rass just considers it interest - and gives them two weeks to pay off the real debt. They take off, only to be shot back down by Bwahl’s bounty hunters. Crimson leaves the smashed freighter, Kaj already taken - or killed. She encounters a female smuggler named Thune, who offers to help her find Kaj. They find their way to Ord Simres, where Crimson is duped into helping Thune capture a Rebel gunrunner named Treytis Prash. Thune is a bounty hunter who already has Kaj and now has Crimson and Prash both. Kaj will go to Bwahl - Crimson and Prash into the Empire’s hands. The tables are turned however, and despite Kaj apparently being killed, Crimson and Prash take off in a Y-Wing, only to be pounded all the way up by Thune. Surprisingly, Thune’s protocol droid, sickened at Thune’s murderous behaviour, helps Kaj defeat her and save the others. The two smugglers decide to start gunrunning for the Rebels. 

Synopsis taken from Christopher G. McElroy's Time Tales, www.theforce.net/timetales.

This story occurs approximately 3 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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