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Page updated: 11th August 2007
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[These stories occur during The Rebellion era.]
Events that occur just after the Battle of Yavin.

[ Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear ]

Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear is a series of 12 youth novels written by John Whitman that were published between 1997 and 1998.

Six months after the destruction of Alderaan, two young Force-sensitive survivors, Tash and Zak Arranda , their Shi'ido uncle Mammon Hoole, and his droid DV-9 are trying to hide from the Galactic Empire and reveal secrets along the way...

The novels (in order of publication):

[Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive]

[Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead]

[Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague]

[Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine]

#1: Eaten Alive

#2: City of the Dead

#3: Planet Plague

#4: The Nightmare

John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman
(1997) (1997) (1997) (1997)


[Galaxy of Fear: Ghost of the Jedi]

[Galaxy of Fear: Army of Terror]

[Galaxy of Fear: The Brain Spiders]

[Galaxy of Fear: The Swarm]

#5: Ghost of the Jedi

#6: Army of Terror

#7: The Brain Spiders

#8: The Swarm

John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman
(1997) (1997) (1997) (1998)


[Galaxy of Fear: Spore]

[Galaxy of Fear: The Doomsday Ship]

[Galaxy of Fear: Clones]

[Galaxy of Fear: The Hunger]

#9: Spore

#10: The Doomsday

#11: Clones

#12: The Hunger

John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman John Whitman
(1998) (1998) (1998) (1998)


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  • This list is neither definitive nor exhaustive.
  • Publication dates represent the year a book was first published as a collected volume.


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