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Page updated: 4th January 2012
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[This story occurs during The Rebellion era]
Events that occur just after the Battle of Yavin.

[ Galaxy of Fear #9: Spore ]

This book is out of print

John Whitman
Bantam Spectra
Story published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1998)

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1 review [Average review score: 3 / 5]

Tash, Zak, and Uncle Hoole stop on the planet Ithor for supplies, including a mineral the Shroud needs for its engines. The mineral isn't available on Ithor, but one of the Ithorians knows where they can find it--on a mining colony in the middle of a space slug-filled asteroid belt. The journey to the colony is filled with many dangers. But nothing prepares Hoole, Tash, and Zak for what they meet when they reach their destination. An ancient life-form has been released from its tomb. It has lurked there, waiting, for many years. It cannot be seen. It is made from pure evil. And its name is Spore.

This story occurs approximately 6 months after the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2012:

"The Arrandas and Hoole stop off on Ithor in order to repair and replenish their ship and discover a hidden secret.
Ithor is a great setting for this book and the links made in Spore's back story are imaginative and well-thought-out. We also get to see Whitman use another villain from the established EU (the previous book using Thrawn) when Jerec turns up in an attempt to obtain Spore's allegiance. Similar EU links are made in the back story of Fandomar, the Ithorian guide, which just gives the story a nice, firm rooting in Star Wars; some of the books in this series have felt a little too generic at times.
The biggest problem I found with Spore was the pacing of the story. The first section, dealing with the discovery of Spore, took up a huge proportion of the book, whereas actually dealing with Spore itself was a relatively short section.
In spite of its sluggish pace, this story is quite entertaining."

Rating: 3 / 5

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