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Page updated: 1st August 2007


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story was originally published in
Star Wars Gamer #10:

[Star Wars Gamer - issue 10]

This story is now available at:

[ StarWars.com Hyperspace ]

Timothy Zahn
Wizards of the Coast
Story published as:
Short Story (2002, 2004)

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Mara Jade attends a concert by the Coruscant Full Symphony Orchestra on the Mid-Rim world of Chibias, hoping for some warm nostalgia. All she gets are bad thoughts of Skywalker, so she leaves the concert. On her way out, she spots a shabby-looking youth being talked to by three guys. One of the three, a man in formal wear, slips a datapad in the kid's backpack! It's a clear setup, and Mara can't help but investigate further. Acting as "Litassa Colay," Director of Offworld Special Events, Mara learns that the man in formal wear is Counselor Raines of Governor Egron's staff. With a little fighting action, Mara saves the kid from arrest and runs out of the concert hall with him. She takes him to her hotel room as stormtroopers fan out around the theatre. The kid explains that he was offered a job by a mystery man on the planet Sibisime to work for Egron. But the guy didn't show up at the concert hall as expected. Mara looks at the datapad and sees Egron's seal on it. She figures the kid has something they want, and she learns what when she tries to hack into the palace computer. The kid takes over for her, and does it in no time flat. Together, they look for Raines in the personnel files. He ain't there. Mara grabs her blaster and lightsaber and tells the kid - he says his name is Ghent - to stay put.
Now posing as "Arica Pradeux," Mara enters the palace and uses her Emperor's Hand codewords to force an appointment with Egron. Instead of him, she's met by "Raines." He reveals his name is Markko, and he's an unofficial aide of Egron. She asks to know how much Markko is willing to pay for Ghent's services. He balks at 2,000 an hour, which tells her that Egron didn't hire Ghent at all - Markko did because he's not a good enough slicer and Ghent is. Markko, busted, admits that he's trying to hack into a Rebel computer captured from a sector command center. He reluctantly accepts the 2,000 fee, and she arranges a meeting at the palace in two hours. As she leaves, she muses that something about Marrko's story didn't fit. She also senses she's being followed. She loses both her tails, and then tails them to a private home where Markko gets the drop on her. He drags her into the house and reveals he's a Rebel agent. He was telling the truth about the computer, except that he planned to erase the most critical information from it when it was sliced. She tells him to meet her at the appointed place and time and coolly leaves.
An hour and a half later, Mara and Ghent meet Markko at the governor's palace. As Ghent starts to work on the computer, Mara tries to get Egron aside to rat Markko out - but Markko gets him in conversation instead. Ghent does get far enough to reveal a logo on the computer - a logo that reveals the computer to be from the control node of a Star Destroyer. It hits her - Egron's planning to join the Rebellion, and the computer is his admission ticket. She warns Ghent that they're in danger and gets him to stall the hack as best he can. She also gets him to set off a loud noise from the computer while she quietly slices through the room's support structures with her lightsaber. She also cuts a quick exit out of a wall. She then approaches Markko and suggests Egron's about to double-cross him. The distraction works, and she and Ghent suddenly rush through the hole in the wall. The wall caves-in, smashing the computer. Mara and Ghent fight their way through the palace, but are eventually cornered by a furious Egron and Markko. She guns down Egron, but Markko gets his blaster against Ghent's head. She tells him she did her duty by executing Egron, and has no grudge against him. He can either let Ghent go and they can all walk away; or he can play hero and only she will walk away. Markko lets Ghent go and runs away. Mara gives Ghent some money to get back home and then leaves herself.
As Ghent heads to the spaceport, he's approached by a smuggler named Talon Karrde, who offers him a job. He asks who the woman with him was; Ghent honestly doesn't know. "Pity. Still, you never know. We might run into her again someday."

This story occurs approximately 4 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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