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Page updated: 1st August 2007


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story is included in:

[Tales of the Bounty Hunters]

Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Dave Wolverton
Del Rey
Story published as:
Paperback Novel (1996)

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On Aruza, Dengar carries out a hit on COMPNOR’s General Sinick Kritkeen, whom he has been paid to kill by the locals Kritkeen has been subjugating and turning over to Imperial Redesign. One local, Abano, pleads for the life of his daughter, Manaroo, and Kritkeen orders her brought to him. Before she can arrive, Dengar kills Kritkeen. Manaroo arrives and he agrees to take her off of the planet. He drops her off on a backwater planet before continuing on to Toola, where he makes a contact and joins the Rebellion. He knows that this could lead him to the object of his hatred, Han Solo, which is why he’s been killing COMPNOR officers—to prove his anti-Imperial sentiment so the Rebels would take him in. He receives nav-coordinates to Hoth.
Dengar arrives at Hoth to join the Rebels just as the Battle of Hoth rages. He sits out the battle and is taken aboard a Star Destroyer, where he is presumed to be a Rebel and subjected to interrogation.
Dengar is visited in his cell by Darth Vader, who makes him a deal—he will hunt Han Solo for Vader, and Vader might let him live. At the moment, Solo and the Millennium Falcon are in the Hoth asteroid belt, but Vader isn’t confident in his imminent capture. Taking a lead from his “hiring” of Dengar, Vader decides to call other bounty hunters to join in the search.
Dengar attends the bounty hunter “meeting” aboard the Executor and promptly leaves to chase Han Solo, though before he can go after Solo, Boba Fett disables his ship.
Dengar finally makes it to Cloud City to find Boba Fett and Han Solo, but instead of tracking Fett, he runs into Manaroo dancing in a bar. They take time out to talk, and she tells him she wishes to bond with him through the Attanni procedure/device used by her culture. As they continue to talk, Lando Calrissian warns the populace to evacuate before more Imperials arrive. They escape and intend to chase down Fett and Solo, who are on their way to Tatooine.
Dengar and Manaroo finally perform the Attanni, cementing love between them. Dengar realizes how important it is to save Manaroo’s people from COMPNOR, so he uses his Rebel contacts to free them, as he should have two years before.
Dengar and Manaroo arrive on Tatooine. Dengar leaves Manaroo in Mos Eisley when he goes to Jabba’s Palace, but she is captured and taken there to be a dancer. Dengar learns this and, through the Attanni, knows he loves her and cannot leave her. He decides that Jabba must die. He begins helping Tessek with bomb parts, which he will get to him through Barada.
Dengar is afraid of being caught when he sees Tessek begging for mercy at Jabba’s feet. Dengar’s part in the bomb plot is known, but instead of ordering Dengar’s death overtly, Jabba has Boba Fett take him to the “Teeth of Tatooine.”
After being saved from the “Teeth of Tatooine” by Tusken Raiders, Dengar walks blindly through a sandstorm before being found by Manaroo, who has escaped in a skiff. They decide to head to the Sarlacc to see if they can salvage anything from the wreckage. There they find the Sarlacc dead and Boba Fett, without his armor and badly burned, in need of help. They save him and decide to partner up, at least sometimes. Fett also agrees to be best man at Dengar’s wedding to Manaroo.

This story occurs approximately 3 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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