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Page updated: 1st August 2007


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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This story is included in:

[Tales of the Bounty Hunters]

Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Therefore I Am
Kevin J. Anderson
Del Rey
Story published as:
Paperback Novel (1996)

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In a Halowan Laboratories lab, IG-88 comes online for the first time, and the sentient programming he was given rushes through his system like a brushfire, making him even more sentient than planned. After killing all of the technicians when they try to shut him down, IG-88 dubs himself IG-88A and loads his sentient program into the three other IG-88 droids in the room, creating duplicates of himself (IG-88B, IG-88C, and IG-88D). IG-72, an inferior model, is activated but retains its programming. The five assassin droids, after downloading all information in the labís computers, escape the base, and the IG-88s go one direction while IG-72 goes another. Imperial Supervisor Gurdun arrives at the lab and learns that the most dangerous droids in the galaxy are now running loose. The IG-88s head for the droid factory world Mechis III and load their program onto the planet, effectively making the droids revolt and murder the workers and administrator (Hekis Thul), before landing on the world and taking it over, using fake transmissions to make it appear that all is normal. From here IG-88 wishes to prepare an army of droids with sentient programming buried inside them to be activated at an appropriate time and take over the Empire. In order to make sure that IG-88 remains visible and thus no one comes to Mechis III looking for them, IG-88B is sent out into the galaxy to perform as a bounty hunter (but also to use that cover to track 484 down anyone involved in the IG-88 creation project and murder them so as not to have any loose ends). The first mission takes IG-88B to Peridonís Folly, where his secondary target is Bolton Kek. One down, a very short list to go.
Darth Vader and Gurdun arrive on Mechis III to check on the progress of probot production, unknowing that the facility is under the control of IG-88. After being assured by a false hologram of Hekis Thul, Vader leaves, satisfied. Shortly thereafter, IG-88 checks in with his various droids in the Empire and learns of the existence of the Executor. He begins scheming to make the Super Star Destroyer his own.
As the probe droid on Hoth discovers the existence of the Rebel base, it transmits its data to the Empire, but also to Mechis III, where IG-88 takes it as a prime opportunity to see the Executor in action.
IG-88B, after observing the Battle of Hoth but not interfering, decides to lurk around until Darth Vader issues a call for bounty hunters to chase Han Solo, which is only logical.
IG-88 B attends the bounty hunter ďmeetingĒ aboard the Executor and then digs into the shipís files, where he learns of the construction of the Death Star II. He transmits details back to Mechis III, where IG-88A and the other two confer, deciding that they should make a duplicate computer core for the Death Star II with IG-88ís sentience inside, which could then take over the station at a later time. At the same time, Gurdun is assigned to go with the real core to the battle station.
IG-88 learns that Boba Fett has located Han Solo, so IG-88B goes to Cloud City. There, he wants to ambush Fett and take Solo, but Fett destroys IG-88B instead. On Mechis III, IG-88A sends IG-88C and IG-88D after Fett.
IG-88Aís fake Imperial ships destroy the convoy bearing the real Death Star II computer core, along with Gurdun. The fake Imperial ship and the duplicate core (with IG-88ís sentience in it) is shipped the rest of the way to the Death Star II.
IG-88 happily witnesses the Battle of Endor from inside the Death Star IIís computer core. He decides that it is no longer time to wait for sending the order to begin his droid revolution, unknowing that the station (and IG-88ís sentience) is to be destroyed by the Rebels before the order can be sent.

Synopsis taken from Nathan Butler's Star Wars Timeline Gold, www.starwarsfanworks.com/timeline.

This story occurs approximately between 3 and 4 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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