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Page updated: 24th October 2008


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Tales from Mos Eisley]

These stories are collected in:

[Omnibus: Early Victories]

Omnibus: Early Victories

Comic Strip
These stories were first published in
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #2, 3 & 4:

[Star Wars Galaxy Magazine - issue 2][Star Wars Galaxy Magazine - issue 3]

Issue #1Issue #2

[Star Wars Galaxy Magazine - issue 4]

Issue #4

Comic Book
Collected and published March 1996 as Tales
from Mos Eisley
by Dark Horse Comics

[Tales from Mos Eisley]

e-Comic Book
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Tales from Mos Eisley
Bruce Jones et al.
Topps Publishing / Dark Horse Comics
Stories published as:
Comic Strip (1995)
Comic Book (1996)
Graphic Novel (2008)
e-Comic Book (2012)

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It contains the following comic stories:
  • Hegg's Tale
    Leaving Chalmun’s Cantina for some peace and quiet, Sam Heggs discovers Jeet Travis, a bounty hunter, drinking Vascheah Rye, which Heggs offers to trade grumph eggs for. When Jeet refuses to believe that any human could survive to steal a grumph egg, Hegg shows one to him and tells him how he came by the eggs. A short while earlier, he had been on a frozen planet and discovered the eggs. After consulting a guidebook, he learned that grumphs hibernate in winter, which meant he was safe until a thaw. He then saw an entire area that was thawed, lush jungle. He saw a young man being attacked by a grumph, and soon realised (by dumb luck, basically) that he was witnessing a portal in time (yes, the only known time travel tale in Star Wars history). He ran back into the frozen “present” and destroyed every egg he could find until the grumph chasing the young man vanished, and the portal in time closed. Heggs realised, based on the young man’s knapsack that he was witnessing a younger version of himself battling the grumph, and by saving the young man, he believes he saved himself. When Jeet points out that it makes absolutely no sense for destroying an egg in the present could cause a beast in the past to never be born, Heggs simply replies “Beats me,” and downs the last of Jeet’s rye.

  • Mostly Automatic
    In Chalmun’s Cantina, Tem Chesko and Bezzem sit and share a drink and stories. Tem tells Bezzem of how it took him 71 years to reach Tatooine from Cirus II. He had been on a mission for a mining company when his ship’s drives were damaged. After spending several years alone, thinking of his lover, Maia, and going semi-insane, he found a service droid (MILL-247-EE, which he called “Millie”), and finally had a companion. As time when by, he tell Bezzem, he and Millie became close and she seemed to even love him, at least as much as a droid can. When he turned 86 and was about to die, she saved his life by giving her power core to him as an artificial heart. Shocked, Bezzem can only watch as Tem opens his jacket to reveal Millie’s power core in the center of his chest.

  • Light Duty
    A Rebel named Garve meets with fellow Rebel Colonel Phlik in Chalmun’s Cantina. He tells Phlik about a mission he went on for the Empire to Jellyfish Cove. He was hired to go there and work at the local Imperial station, only to be told not to go out at night or into the fog. He soon learned that the fog brought with it strange creature that could appear as female humans, but then become life-sucking semi-solid creatures that would kill any humanoid near for sustenance. When he witnessed some new arrivals get attacked, he realised that the planet was a penal colony. He managed to kill the Imperial guards on the base, steal their pay, and escape in one of the Imperial prison ships, bringing with him a load of former Imperial prisoners, ready and willing to join the Rebel cause under Phlik’s command.

These stories occurs approximately 3 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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