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Page updated: 12th April 2017
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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

Graphic Novel
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[things from another world]


Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics: Volume 1
Russ Manning, Steve Gerber, Don Christensen, Russ Helm, Alfredo Alcala et al.
IDW Publishing
Published as:
Hardback Graphic Novel (2017)

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This is the first of three volumes that collect the Star Wars newspaper strip from 1979 through 1984. included are every Sunday’s title header and “bonus” panels in meticulously restored original color, making this the first-ever complete collection of this comics classic.

When the strip launched, Russ Manning accurately predicted that “People today can’t get enough science fiction, especially if it is original and full of creative adventure. The Star Wars characters are like Mickey Mouse. They will be loved forever.” Initially the color Sundays and black-and-white dailies told separate stories, but within six months the incomparable Russ Manning and company merged the adventures to tell brand new epic seven-days-a-week sagas that rivaled the best science fiction comics of all time.

Volume One contains nearly 600 sequential comic strips from the strip’s premiere on March 11, 1979 to October 5, 1980 and reprints the following newspaper strips:

  • Gambler's World
    Published March 12 – September 8, 1979
  • The Constancia Affair
    Published March 18 – July 8, 1979
  • The Kashyyyk Depths
    Published July 15 – September 9, 1979
  • Tatooine Sojourn
    Published September 10 – November 5, 1979
  • Princess Leia, Imperial Servant
    Published November 6 – December 31, 1979
  • The Second Kessel Run
    Published January 1 – February 25, 1980
  • Bring Me the Children
    Published February 26 – April 21, 1980
  • As Long As We Live
    Published April 22 – June 16, 1980
  • The Frozen World of Ota
    Published June 17 – August 10, 1980
  • Planet of Kadril
    Published August 11 – October 5, 1980

The events featured in these stories occur immediately after the Battle of Yavin.

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