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[Star Wars Rebels]
Based on events that occur approximately 5 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

[ Star Wars Rebels: Ezra and the Pilot ]

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Ezra and the Pilot (World of Reading: Level 2)
Jennifer Heddle
Disney Lucasfilm Press [US]
Published as:
Paperback Book (2014)

Lothal orphan Ezra Bridger witnesses a battle in the skies overhead between the starship Ghost and a TIE fighter of the Galactic Empire. After the TIE fighter is shot down and crashes to the ground, Bridger rushes to the wrecked ship and finds that its cockpit hatch will not open, leaving the TIE fighter's pilot trapped inside. Bridger eventually opens the hatch, but the TIE fighter pilot shows no gratitude for being saved and instead angrily rebukes Bridger for touching his ship.
To teach the arrogant pilot a lesson, Bridger steals several components from the TIE fighter, including the pilot's flight helmet. Angered further, the pilot opens fire on Bridger with the TIE fighter's laser cannons, but Bridger incapacitates the pilot with his energy slingshot. The pilot's helmet now belongs to Bridger.

This book is an adaptation of TV promotional short Property of Ezra Bridger.

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