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[Star Wars Rebels]
Based on events that occur approximately 5 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

[ Star Wars Rebels: Rogue Heroes: Poster-A-Page ]

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Rogue Heroes: Poster-A-Page
Disney Lucasfilm Press
Published as:
Paperback Book (2014)

The new characters of the Star Wars universe come to life with this new book with posters and character stories. With nine oversize pullout posters, fans will be able to pull apart this book and decorate with posters of the Star Wars Rebels experience!
As the evil Empire tightens its grip on the star systems, the Jedi are nearly extinct. The few who remain are forced into lives of seclusion. Citizens in various parts of the galaxy band together to rise up in protest, and help those oppressed by Vader and the Emperor. Star Wars Rebels takes us into the thrilling adventures of one of these groups. Adding to its collectability and super-sized value is the book's nine full-size, removable posters.

  • Enjoy 100 glossy, full-color illustrations from Star Wars Rebels Season 1.
  • Character introductions for all of the new Star War Editions.
  • Collect nine full-size, pull out posters.

Poster-A-Page delivers children's most popular characters, stories, and memorable moments to them in a unique visual format. With every page a poster, plus 9 supersize fold-out posters inside, this series offers kids ages 4-12 the opportunity to bring their favorite friends and stories into their homes, onto their walls, and become part of their world.

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