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Page updated: 20th October 2015    
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[Star Wars Rebels]
Based on events that occur approximately 5 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

[Star Wars Rebels: cover image not available]

Comic Magazine
Story first published January 2015 in
Germany as Ring-Rennen in
Star Wars Magazin #1 by Panini Comics:

Comic Magazine
Story published January 2015 in United
Kingdom as Ring Race in
Star Wars Rebels Magazine #1 by Egmont:

Comic Magazine
Story published October 2015 in United
States as Ring Race in Star Wars Rebels
#1 by Titan Magazines:

Ring Race
Martin Fisher, Bob Molesworth
Panini Comics
Story published as:
Comic Magazine (2015)

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After a raid on an Imperial supply yard, the small band of rebels are in desperate need of spare parts for the Ghost. Hera takes the ship and its crew to Osisis Station in the Regani sector where she hopes to trade for the necessary parts as she has dealt previously with its owner, Galus Vez. However, Vez has been visited by Imperials inspectors and is supposed to report sightings of the Ghost and its crew immediately to the Empire. But Vez is also a businessman and is willing to supply the required parts on condition that Hera can beat him in a race around Fool's Run, a space race through an asteroid field, otherwise he will hand them all over to the Imperials.
With little choice Hera accepts Vez's challenge and so the pair begin their race: Hera piloting the Ghost, Vez his own spaceship. It doesn't take long for Vez to begin cheating when Hera takes an early lead. He commands rigged asteroids to veer into Hera's path. Although she avoids a direct collision, the Ghost suffers yet more damage and it allows Vez to take the lead. Watching from the space station Kanan and Ezra help Hera by using the Force to guide some asteroids into Vez's path. With some unorthodox help from Chopper, Hera is able to retake the lead and wins the race.
Angry that he lost Vez is ready to renege on his original agreement and he and his hired help draw their blasters on the rebels. But Kanan has prepared for this enventuality and remotely sets off prepared charges that give himself and his team a sufficiently large distraction to overpower the station's crew.
Kanan renegotiates the deal with Vez and the Ghost departs with the parts required for the repairs. Fearing Imperial repercussions Vez orders all camera footage altered and records erased of any mention of the Ghost's visit. However, while Vez may have cleaned his computerised records, Sabine has left her own individual calling card on the space station's exterior...

This story occurs between Season 1 episodes #2 Fighter Flight and #3 Rise of the Old Masters, approximately 5 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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