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Page updated: 20th October 2007
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[The Art of Star Wars: The Empire Strkes Back (Special Edition)]

Paperback Book
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Hardback Book
First published 1980:

The Art of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Deborah Call
Del Rey
Published as:
Hardback Book (1980)
Paperback Book (1994, 1997)

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Book Description:
The Art of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a magnificent, full-color celebration of the amazing artistic and technical accomplishments in the second chapter of the most spectacular space epic of all time. Lavishly illustrated with production sketches, production paintings, costume designs, construction drawings, matte paintings, storyboards, and stills, and complete with biographies of the outstanding artists and technicians who created the film, The Art of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is an indispensable volume for fans and special-effects buffs alike, including:
  • The complex stop-motion animation technique used for the tauntaun, the beast Luke rode on the frozen planet Hoth
  • The design and animation techniques used in the creation of the immense Imperial walkers
  • The fascinating development of the swamp planet Dagobah
  • The evolution of the character of Yoda
  • Enthralling matte paintings that bring Cloud City to life

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