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Page updated: 29th March 2011  
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[The Star Wars Craft Book]

Paperback Book
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The Star Wars Craft Book
Bonnie Burton
Del Rey [US]; Titan Books [UK]
Published as:
Paperback Book (2011)

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Book Description:
What began in 2004 as a regular crafts feature on StarWars.com is now a book. While fans might recognize some crafts from StarWars.com, the book is also jam-packed full of brand new projects that cater to both beginners and advanced Jawa-level crafters. The book features fully-detailed, step-by-step instructions and photos for each craft. 
While this book won't show fans how to make a working Death Star, the book does include tutorials on how to make Star Wars art, puppets, dolls, pet toys, stationary, holiday decorations, scarves, house wares, jewelry, journals, planters, working volcanoes and more. Most supplies in the book can be found in any craft store, around the house, outdoors and even the recycling bin. There are handy tips throughout on how to get the most out of crafting, as well as interviews with other fans that have made their own crafts that would impress even Darth Vader. 
"One of my goals for this book is to inspire fans to see craft projects in items they would normally throw away," author Bonnie Burton explains. "A holey sock gets a new life as a Wookiee puppet. Shrunken sweaters become coffee cup cozies. Strips of newspaper become an area creature from Attack of the Clones. An empty oatmeal container becomes a R2-D2 pinhole camera. An extra-large Star Wars T-shirt at the bottom of the closet can finally be useful as a tote bag. Once you know how to make something ordinary into something special, crafty inspiration will follow you everywhere." 
Some of the crafts in the book include Jabba the Hutt Body Pillow, Hammerhead Sock Doll, Admiral Sackbar Puppet, Creature Plates, Mounted Acklay Head, Bith Band Spoon Puppets, Bossk Bean Portrait, Star Wars T-shirt Blanket, Felt Bantha, Washcloth Wampa, Wookiee Birdhouse, Emperor Apple Doll, Space Slug Door Draft Blocker, Action Figure Wreath, Bounty Hunter Guitar Strap, Chewbacca Velvet Painting, Ewok Fleece Hat, Jedi Wrist Cuffs, Jawa Sand Painting and many more! 

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[ Book excerpt ]

[ Book excerpt ]

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