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Page updated: 30th August 2017
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Reference and Non-Fiction Books.

[Star Wars: The Blueprints]

Hardback Book
Published 2017.
Check availability & pricing at:

[ Amazon.com ]


[import copy]

Hardback Book
Published 2013.
Check availability & pricing at:

[ Amazon.com ]


[Star Wars: The Blueprints (Deluxe edition)]

Deluxe Hardback Book
Limited to 5,000 numbered copies.
Published 2011 by Epic Ink Books / Becker&Meyer.
Check availability & pricing at:

[ Amazon.com ]


Star Wars: The Blueprints
J.W. Rinzler
Epic Ink (2011, 2017); 47North (2013) [US]
Becker&Mayer! (2011); Titan (2013) [UK]
Published as:
Oversized Deluxe Hardback Book [limited to 5,000 copies] (2011)
Hardback Book (2013, 2017)

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Book Description (refers to 2017 edition):
Star Wars: The Blueprints gives an all-access pass into the Lucasfilm Archives to unveil the original technical drawings of the galaxy far, far away. With more than 250 blueprints, 500 photographs and illustrations, and ten stunning gatefolds, this deluxe volume reveals the work of the engineers, designers, and artists who dreamed up the look and feel of the Star Wars universe.
Bestselling author J. W. Rinzler explores the complex process of envisioning and creating the Star Wars films throughout this collection. Witness first-hand the technical expertise and jaw-dropping detail involved in every part of the process, from concept sketches to final scenes. Star Wars: The Blueprints showcases the transformation of careful technical drawings to now-iconic sets—the rebel blockade runner, the Millennium Falcon, the bridge of General Grievous’s flagship, Jabba the Hutt’s throne room, and many others.
Meticulously researched and packed with gorgeous artwork and little-known details, Star Wars: The Blueprints tells the story of the brilliant minds and technical prowess that brought this extraordinary epic to life.

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