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Staff Review.

[Blood Ties: Jango & Boba Fett - issue #1]

Blood Ties: Jango and Boba Fett #1
Script: Tom Taylor
Art: Chris Scalf
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Published: 25th August 2010 by Dark Horse Comics
Reviewer: Ewan, Star Wars Books & Comics
Reviewed: 28th August 2010
Review rating:
5 / 5

It must seem as if every other Star Wars comic story released recently has been written by Tom Taylor and judging by his previous stories (Invasion: Refugees, Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes, Invasion: Rescues, The Will of Darth Vader) this is no bad

thing. Just as his previous releases enthralled us with Taylor's storytelling abilities, this new story promises to do the same.
Taylor has a particular skill for exploring relationships within his stories: his ongoing Invasion series explores the relationships between the four-member royal family of Artorias when they are separated by the unprovoked invasion of their planet by the Yuuzhan Vong and how each member must relate to new friends and potential enemies in order to rejoin, while The Will of Darth Vader explored Vader's relationship with those he uses to complete his assigned missions. In Blood Ties we are witness to the father/son relationship between Jango Fett and his cloned son Boba that was sadly missing from Attack of the Clones. Even in just this, the first issue, Taylor explores what it means to be the son of the galaxy's most renowned and feared bounty hunter. In a practical test to dispel any fears the young Boba may be hiding within himself - a test, which if existed in the real world, would see Boba placed in social care quicker than you can say "but, she's your sister!

[Click to preview this comic page at Dark Horse Comics]

Chris Scalf's art is, quite frankly, unbelievably awe inspiring and if you have been put off reading a Star Wars comic story because of black pen lines traced around characters' features or overuse of monotonic colours, then fear not because Scalf's capture of near photo-realism in his paintwork doesn't require pen lines while his colour palette is a blend of natural tones and shades. However beautiful the artwork is, the real test of any artist is their ability to capture facial expressions and in this Scalf succeeds wonderfully. Of course it makes it easier when one half of the protagonist pairing wears a helmet for over half the story but a young Boba didn't and Scalf's depiction of Daniel Logan circa 2002 (the actor who portrayed Boba Fett in Episode II) is life-like and believable throughout the story as Scalf captures Boba's various range of expressions as the story unfolds. A notable touch is Scalf's use of out-of-focus backgrounds to simulate the motion blur experienced by vehicles travelling at speed when traditionally comics would have used motion lines or 'whoosh' lines to illustrate fast movement.

Although this first issue concentrates on story setup, the story ends with a real cliff-hanger that captures the reader's attention and ensures that the only resolution they'll get is to continue reading this story when the next issue is released. Blood Ties #1 is a worthy addition to any fan's Star Wars comics library and is particularly recommended to fans who have yet to experience Star Wars stories in comic form.

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