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Page updated: 2nd June 2017
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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur after Episode IV: A New Hope.

Paperback Graphic Novel
Published as Star Wars: Volume 4:
Last Flight of the Harbinger
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[things from another world]


Digital Graphic Novel
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Hardback Graphic Novel
These stories are included in:

Star Wars: Volume 2

Comic & e-Comic Book Series
Published June thru November 2016 as
Star Wars #20, #21, #22, #23, #24 & #25
by Marvel:

Issue #20Issue #21

Issue #22Issue #23

Issue #24Issue #25

Last Flight of the Harbinger
Jason Aaron, Mike Mayhew, Jorge Molina et al.

Stories published as:
Comic Book Series (2016)
e-Comic Book Series (2016)
Paperback Graphic Novel (2017)
Digital Graphic Novel (2017)
Hardback Graphic Novel (2017)

If you have read this story, please rate it:
1 review [Review score: 1 / 5]

This book collects the following comic stories:

  • From the Journals of "Old Ben" Kenobi by Jason Aaron et al.
    Jabba has hired bounty hunter Black Krrsantan to find out who’s been thwarting his men! The old hermit of the dune wastes might know something about that.
    This story occurs approximately 10 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Last Flight of the Harbinger by Jason Aaron et al.
    Take a walk on the Dark Side with Sgt. Kreel and an elite group of Imperial soldiers aboard the Star Destroyer Harbinger! It's a nigh-indestructible weapon of war. But it's also the target of the Rebels' new top-secret plan. Never afraid of defying the odds, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa are determined to make this the last flight of the Harbinger!
    This story occurs between six & twelve months after Episode IV: A New Hope.

This story occurs between 6 and 12 months after Episode IV: A New Hope (the flashback story occurs approximately 10 years before Episode IV: A New Hope).

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Reviews by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2017:

Issue #20: From the Journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Part 3):
I hate it when Marvel favours spectacle over story and they do it more often then I remember Dark Horse doing so. While I liked the other stories leading up to this one, I really felt like reading about an artificially set up box match.... I could hear the announcer scream:
OOOooobi Wan KeeeenOOObi vs. Eeeeevil Cheeeewieeee...
Let’s get Ready to Rumble... Yawn...
This might have been a better read published as a complete standalone Graphic Novel, the way it is now it neither adds to the story of this trade, nor does it stand competently as a one-shot. And the happy Owens... they have put that element way too thick on!

Issue: #22 Scar Squadron:
A Stormtrooper with a lightsaber. Now I do understand that in the early drafts there were Stormtroopers with lightsabers. But one of the best changes while translating concepts to movie was ditching that supid idea. It makes a lightsaber less special, less cool. It was already too much giving lightsaber to everyone on that stupid arena, now we have Stormtroopers.
Spectacle over story yet again.
The first Volume had some pulp in it, therefore I called it a guilty pleasure, but there still was enough of Star Wars in it. I feel like slowly this book loses the Star Wars feel completely in favour of naive and cheap pulp. I guess this book was supposed to be about how cool and boss the squad is but instead of character development and some cool skills we get random shooting and blowing stuff up underlined with cringe worthy one-liners.
If I sound butt hurt over how the Marvel comics develop.... well... it is because I really am at this point.

Issues #23 - 25 - The story proper:
People say, if you do not like it, then don't read it... but it is the new canon... this BS is supposed to actually have happened within the same continuity as the movies... but it is childish, cheap & brainless, still I need to read it none the less. Besides of a few quotes by Darth Vader none of this suicidal nonsense would fit the mouths of the characters who speak. They carelessly throw their lives away at any given moment, but not without an insane amount of wise cracking.
The early issues of this and of Vader suggested, that these stories would be somehow interconnected with the bigger universe, would delve deeper into the lore, show us new stuff... but yet another time we are treated to a shallow, empty, forgettable disaster adventure, that neither provides fun, nor deepens the insight into the rebellion, the empire or any part of the galaxy. I wonder why they are holding back on the search for a new base (resulting in Hoth), maybe they are reserving that story for another medium. I so hope Filoni will get to cover this part of Star Wars history, because Marvel really is not fit to provide essential stories.
And don't get me started on the art...
At this point the Star Wars element to this series is completely gone, what is left is pure pulp, but not the Tarantino sort... no... the bad sort.

Droid Dilemma:
What a lazy way to say goodbye to the late Kenny Baker. The art applied to this short story should suggest some comedy, but there is neither any comedy nor any charm which is normally associated with the little droid. They did not even try on this one.

In conclusion:
All I can say to sum it up is, that this volume is the ultimate culmination of Marvel not knowing what they are doing. The art, the story, the characters, it all marks the all time low for the new canon across all media. I might start sounding a lot harsher but I do start to miss Dark Horse.

Rating: 1 / 5

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