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Page updated: 21st January 2018
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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur after Episode IV: A New Hope.

Paperback Graphic Novel
Published as Star Wars: Volume 5:
Yoda's Secret War
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[things from another world]


Digital Graphic Novel
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Hardback Graphic Novel
These stories are included in:

Star Wars: Volume 3

Comic & e-Comic Book Series
Published November 2016 thru May 2017
as Star Wars Annual #2, Star Wars #26,
#27, #28, #29 & #30 by Marvel:

Issue #26Issue #27

Issue #28Issue #29

Issue #30Annual #2

Yoda's Secret War
Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca, Stuart Immonen et al.

Story published as:
Comic Book Series (2016-2017)
e-Comic Book Series (2016-2017)
Paperback Graphic Novel (2017)
Digital Graphic Novel (2017)
Hardback Graphic Novel (2018)

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1 review [Review score: 3 / 5]

With one member of the rebel crew captured and imprisoned, we turn once more to the journals of Ben Kenobi and a legendary adventure with Jedi Master...Yoda!
He's trapped on a world full of vicious, mysteriously powered children. Not easy, will this be. Overpowered and captured, the master must become a student once more. And the ripples of Yoda's struggle in the past will be felt by Luke Skywalker in the present! Connected, it all is!
Plus: Join Princess Leia on a top-secret and highly dangerous mission on a planet that wants no part of the war against the Empire. When an injury threatens to end her mission, can she inspire that rebel spirit in a populace who just want to keep their heads down?

This story occurs between 6 and 12 months after Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Review by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2018:

I did not dislike it, but merely few hours after reading it I actually forgot the ending twist, or whatever it was.
The art though.. the art is actually a big step up from Harbinger and the writing is decent at best, but levels above Harbinger. The story is so stand alone, that it does not influence anyone or anything. There is no character growth or story points relevant to anything besides the next major disappointing story arc in this way to long catastrophic ongoing title.
It actually barely is Star Wars… it is more a fantasy story with barbaric tribes and wizards…
Marvels Star Wars books are kind off like DC’s movies of recent. There are intriguing characters among the cast, like Bash, Sana or titular Aphra, but they are trapped in meaningless and poorly narrated storyarcs filled with bland villians like that goof Cylo and his gang of cyber-clowns.

Rating: 3 / 5

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