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Page updated: 9th March 2021
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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur before Episode IV: A New Hope.

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This story was originally published in
Star Wars Insider #157:

Trade Paperback Book
This story is included in:

Lords of the Sith

Hardback Book
This story is included in:

[Star Wars Insider: The Fiction Collection - Volume 1]

The Fiction Collection:
Volume 1

John Jackson Miller
Titan Magazines

Story published as:
Magazine (2015)
Trade Paperback Book (2016)
Hardback Book (2021)

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1 review [Review score: 5 / 5]

En route to Ryloth aboard the Perilous, Emperor Palpatine orders a stop in the Denon system to confer with several of the Chiefs of the Navy. The meeting is held aboard the Defiance, a cruiser known as the Defiance Flight Training Institute (or simply the Baylo School, named for Commandant Pell Baylo, who runs the school). As the Emperor meets with his chiefs, Darth Vader observes Baylo’s instruction of young crew members on the bridge of the Defiance. Baylo has a young cadet, Rae Sloane, set their course for Christophsis, where the Perilous will meet them to continue the Sith Lords’ journey to Ryloth after the meeting, but he berates her when she supposedly puts in poor coordinates and changes them himself. Once he leaves the bridge, Sloane expresses concerns about the route to Vader, who alters the coordinates again without Baylo’s knowledge. Once the last chief leaves, they jump to Christophsis as planned. Baylo then joins Vader and Palpatine in a meeting, during which Palpatine reveals that the various Imperial military schools, including the Defiance, will go from their semi-independent status left over from the Republic into a new unified Imperial Academy, under the main academy at Corellia. Baylo is to take a chair at the navigation institute on Corellia, but he refuses. He does not recognize Palpatine’s authority in the matter. He resigns, not fearing death because his coordinates earlier should have made the Defiance emerge from hyperspace and then plunge into Christophsis’ sun. Instead, Vader has foiled that plot with his new coordinates. Without awaiting orders from Palpatine, Vader kills Baylo with the Force. Sloane enters to let them know that the Perilous is waiting for them to return, and Palpatine conveys an order to her superiors at the Academy through Sloane herself: the Defiance is to be renamed the Obedience, a more fitting name.

This story occurs early in the novel Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp, approximately 14* years before Episode IV: A New Hope.
*The opening crawl of the novel Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp states "Eight years after the Clone Wars ravaged the galaxy" implying that this story and Lords of the Sith occur 8 years after Revenge of the Sith (i.e. 11 years before A New Hope), however Pablo Hildago (Lucasfilm Story Group) confirmed[External site - opens in a new window/tab] to Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars Timeline Gold) that the "eight years" refers to from the start of the Clone Wars not its end thus placing the story at 14 years before A New Hope.

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Review by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2016:

"Although only a brief glimpse into the relationship between Vader and his Emperor, this short story also manages to convey a sense of the mood within the remnants of the Republic, which were swallowed into the New Galactic Empire.
The story of an aging navy teacher is mostly told through Vader's perspective and the offered insight into his mind is not only believable but also truly griping. At barely 11 pages I would strongly recommend to get it and read it, especially if you are into Sith-themed tales."

Rating: 5 / 5

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