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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur after Episode IV: A New Hope.

[ Star Wars Resistance: Complete Season One (DVD) ]

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Star Wars Resistance: Season One
Lucasfilm Animation
Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment

Animated stories published as:
TV episodes (2018-2019)
Home Video [Digital, DVD] (2019)

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Recruited by Poe Dameron for a top secret Resistance mission, hotshot pilot Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono finds himself in over his head when he and BB-8 are stationed aboard a large aircraft refueling station. Join Kaz on his high-flying adventure as he struggles to keep his cover as a mechanic and gets entangled with ace pilots, marauding pirates, villainous stormtroopers and other colorful characters.

Stories that constitute Season 1 are (in chronological order):

  • The Recruit (Parts 1 & 2)
    X-wing pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited for the Resistance, but finds himself in over his head when Poe Dameron assigns him to a remote fueling station to spy on the First Order. Then, after Kaz boasts about being the best pilot around, he is forced to compete in a dangerous sky race.
  • The Triple Dark
    Kaz and BB-8 uncover information on an imminent pirate attack and must find a way to stop it.
  • Fuel For The Fire
    Kaz befriends a sky racer named Rucklin who pressures him to take some rare and dangerous hyperfuel hidden in Yeager’s office.
  • The High Tower
    The First Order arrives at the platform for mysterious reasons and Kaz and BB-8 are determined to sneak into the tower to find out what they want.
  • The Children from Tehar
    In need of credits to fix a broken part, Kaz looks to recover two missing children and claim a sizable bounty.
  • Signal from Sector Six
    Kaz and Poe Dameron investigate a distress signal, and find something much bigger than they anticipated.
  • Synara's Score
    With his spy in place, pirate leader Kragan Gorr siezes the opportunity to strike at the Colossus.
  • The Platform
    When hotshot racer Marcus Speedstar arrives on the Colossus, Yeager is confronted by a painful past he's kept hidden.
  • Secrets and Holograms
    While Captain Doza meets with the First Order, Torra, Kaz, and BB-8 sneak around on their own secret mission.
  • Station Theta Black
    What begins as a simple recon mission of an abandoned First Order base becomes much more complicated...once Captain Phasma arrives.
  • Bibo
    When Neeku adopts a strange sea creature as a pet, he gets way more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Kaz and Synara encounter something monstrous in the Castilon oceans...
  • Shorts Collection
    Kaz and the denizens of the Colossus experience adventures big and small in this collection of shorts.
  • Dangerous Business
    In exchange for parts, Kaz agrees to watch Flix and Orka's shop. But things take a deadly turn when a mysterious customer arrives.
  • The Doza Dilemma
    When the pirates launch an unsettling mission on the Colossus, Synara's loyalty and allegiances are put to the test.
  • The First Order Occupation
    As the First Order tightens its grip on the Colossus, the pressure mounts for Kaz and Synara.
  • The New Trooper
    After Kel and Eila, fugitives from the First Order, have a run-in with a stormtrooper, Kaz seizes the opportunity to uncover more details about the growing movement.
  • The Core Problem
    Poe and Kaz investigate a location in the Unknown Regions that might be central to the First Order's plot.
  • The Disappeared
    As the First Order cracks down on dissent and issues unsettling new demands, Kaz and Torra take action.
  • Descent
    Now on the radar of the First Order, Kaz and Yeager must act quickly to save the Colossus -- and their friends.
  • No Escape (Part 1)
    Kaz hatches a plan to rescue his friends, while the First Order's quest for power takes a dark turn.
  • No Escape (Part 2)
    Following the destruction of Hosnian Prime and other systems, Kaz and Yeager lead the forces of the Colossus into battle with the First Order.

These stories occur approximatley 34 years after Episode IV: A New Hope.

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